Alumnae House Gallery Exhibits

The Alumnae Art Gallery is in a beautiful hall on the first floor of the Alumnae House reserved exclusively for alumnae artists to showcase their work. The Alumnae House is frequently used for meetings and social events and faculty, staff, students, and alumnae see the gallery as they enter the building, making it a venue with a lot of exposure. In the past, exhibitions have included sculpture, photographs, paintings, drawings, architectural renderings, painted floor mats, and theatrical masks.
Traditionally, the Gallery hosts three to five shows a year, ranging between six weeks and three months in length. If you are interested in exhibiting your work, please refer to the Gallery guidelines.


Red Poppies by Patricia Hayes '84
Previous Shows
January 23 – June 7, 2012, Patricia Hayes '84
Nature Photography, Oil Paintings

September – December 2011, Helen Crouse '84
An exhibition of oil paintings expressing the journey and contrast of eastern North Carolina farmland to mid-century-built cottages on the Outer Banks.




April – August 2011
Personal Space, Sarah Szwajkos '98
Photographic Portraits of Private Places
February – April 2011
Liquid Landscapes
Olwen O’Herlihy Dowling AC ’95
An exhibition of watercolors and oils set in or about water.
September – December 2010
JYA-in-Paris and Beyond, Judith Oksner '57


Rocca Majore, Assisi by Lou Herron Jordan '60
May 2010
’60@50 Celebrates: Class of ’60 artists
featuring works by:

Lou Herron Jordan

Rona Copen Eisner

Patricia Hanson Rodgers

Lucy Wendell-Thorpe

Ellen Roberta Strober

Suzannah Flint

Wan Kyun Rha Kim
January – April 2010
Future Smithies?



September-December 2009

Future Smithies? by Linnea Osterberg '97
May 2009






September-October 2008
June-August 2008

Desdy Kellogg Baggott ’48

March-May 2008
Class of 1958 50th Reunion Show (20 artists)
January-February 2008

Tea at Smith by Nava Grünfeld '81

Cindy Miller ’97

Shane Crabtree ’57



November-December 2007
September-October 2007



July-August 2007



April-June 2007



Triplets by Edith Hunsberger ’67


January – March 2007

Quiet Moments

Olwen O’Herlihy Dowling AC’95




July-August 2006



March-June 2006

September-October 2006