Sarah Braunstein



Sarah Braunstein, MSW ’06
Sarah Braunstein, MSW '06, author of "The Sweet Relief of Missing Children" talks about her critically acclaimed first novel, which was featured on

Reunion 2011



Reunion 2011
Various videos featuring highlights of Reunion and Commencement Weekends, including the Senior Strawberry Celebration, Ivy Day, the Alumnae Parade, and Alumnae College keynote speakers.


Smith Women in Education: Charting a Changing Education Landscape
Smith Women in Education: Charting a Changing Education Landscape
"Smith Women in Education: Charting a Changing Education Landscape" features Smith alumnae educators, as well as Smith President Carol Christ, discussing some of the most pressing issues in the field today.
Melissa Krueger
Melissa Krueger AC ’03

Melissa Krueger AC '03 talks about her new business, the Elbow Room Coffee Company, the process of coffee roasting, and the importance of fair trade practices.
Andrea Hairston
Andrea Hairston ’74

Andrea Hairston '74, L. Wolff Kahn 1931 Professor of Theatre, talks about how one of the classes she teaches at Smith inspired her book, Redwood and Wildfire.
Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan ’87

Sarah Khan '87 talks about the Tasting Cultures Foundation, an organization she founded that looks at the world through the lens of food.
The Art of Judith Oksner: JYA and Beyond
Watercolor artist Judith Oksner '57 talks about paintings inspired by her letters home during her Smith College JYA in Paris and how her art has evolved over the years.
Joan Bigwood ’82, author of the successful self-published novel Co-opted, talks about her experience and what you need to know about self-publishing your book.
Co-opted: A Reading
Joan Bigwood '82 reads from her novel, Co-opted, about a young woman living in New York, with her husband and children. The family relocates suddenly to California, and her world—in more ways than one—is turned upside down.
Erinn McGurn ’94
Erinn McGurn '94 talks about her organization, SCALEAfrica, dedicated to the improvement of rural schools in sub-Saharan Africa through the use of sustainable building techniques and active community participation.

Reunion 2010

Ivy Day Parade
Highlights of alumnae at the 2010 Smith College Reunion and Commencement Weekend.
Alumnae Parade
Parade highlights from Smith College's 2010 All Reunion Weekend.
Sign of the Times
A great Smith tradition continues—class signs at the Alumnae Parade during Reunion 2010.
First Reunion
Smith College Ada Comstock Scholars reflect on what it means to them to celebrate their first reunion as a class.
Smith Alumnae Volunteer Awards
Former Alumnae Association of Smith College President Charlotte Kea '82 presents the Alumnae Volunteer Awards during the 2010 All Reunion Weekend.

Smith International Alumnae Reflections

A Tale of Two International Smithies
Two class of 00 Smithies, one from India and one from Greece, unexpectedly meet as first-years on their way to campus and become friends for life—just as their Smith alumnae mothers did many years ago.
Junior Year Abroad
Smith College international alumnae talk about the effect their junior year abroad had on their lives.
Living Outside the United States
Smith College international alumnae share their experiences and thoughts about life outside of the United States.
Staying Connected
Smith College international alumnae talk about how they stayed connected to Smith over the years and how this has changed

A Century of Women in Type: A Conference for Smith Women in the Media

Conference Highlights
A compilation of events from the conference held in March 2010, as well as alumnae participant comments about the present and future state of media.
“Media at a Crossroads”
Thursday, March 25, 2010
Moderator: Patricia Skarda, professor, English language and literature
Panelists: Martin Antonetti (curator, Smith’s Mortimer Rare Book Room); Cheryl Coward ’91 (writer, creator of; Jenny Kuntz Frost ’78 (former publisher, Crown Publishing Group)
“Life in the Media: What’s Ethics Got to Do With It?”
Thursday, March 25, 2010
Host: John Connolly, professor, philosophy
Moderator: Wendy Kaminer ’71, author, social critic
Panelists: Jan Friedman Constantine ’70 (general counsel, the Authors Guild); Ellen Weiss ’81 (VP for news, National Public Radio); Charlise Lyles ’81 (author, co-founding editor of Catalyst Ohio)
“Courageous Journalism”
Friday, March 26, 2010
Host: Linda Kramer Jenning ’72, Washington editor, Glamour
Moderator: Judith Bronstein Milestone ’66, former senior VP, CNN
Panelists: Kate O’Brian ’80 (senior VP for news, ABC News); Gail Cameron Westcott ’54 (journalist); Joanna Slater ’97 (NY bureau chief, The Globe & Mail); Karen Russo ’96 (reporter, ABC News)