Smith Clubs, Affinity Groups, and Special Interest Groups

Smith Clubs

In 1890, one of Smith’s first clubs, the Smith College Club of New York City, was founded with the goal of providing an opportunity for alumnae to get together socially and to raise awareness about Smith. Today, there are more than 100 active Smith clubs around the world.

Smith College clubs are everywhere.


Smith clubs are vital to fostering alumnae connections and increase the visibility of Smith College around the world. Based on pride and mutual connections, clubs run on the energy and commitment of  alumnae volunteers. Join your local Smith club today and become part of the fabric that weaves together the past, present, and future of your alma mater. 


Connect with Alumnae

Volunteer at your local Smith club:
  • Attend a tea for prospective students, interview prospective students, attend a college fair
  • Plan and host a social networking event
  • Become a club board member
  • Design or maintain a club Website
  • Mentor a current student or send care packages to students from your club area
  • Locate a student internship
  • Join a book group
  • Sell pecans to help raise scholarship funds

and other ways to volunteer for Smith.

For more information about the Smith club in your area contact or call 800-526-2023, ext. 4.

Smith Affinity and Special Interest Groups

The Alumnae Association strives to help alumnae connect to Smith and to each other in ways that address special interests and common bonds. The Affinity and Special Interest Program offers opportunities for alumnae of shared interest to establish online and in-person communities. 


The work of affinity and special interest groups promotes the very core of our mission to encourage and embrace diversity within our community. It is inspiring to see alumnae continue to connect on meaningful levels beyond the traditional class and club structure, whether that connection is based on personal identity, professional achievements, or common interests.

Carol Christ

For information on affinity group guidelines or creating an affinity group, please contact the Alumnae Association at or 800-526-2023, ext. 4.

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