AASC Staff Directory

Smith College, 33 Elm Street, Northampton, MA 01063
Phone: 413-585-2020

Alumnae Association fax: 413-585-2073
Alumnae Outreach fax: 413-585-2015
E-mail: alumnae@smith.edu


Jennifer Chrisler '92, Vice President for Alumnae Relations and Executive Director of the Alumnae Association 413-585-2027
Jad Davis, Executive Assistant 413-585-2027
Samantha Pleasant, Director for Alumnae Engagement 413-585-2046
Liz Bigwood, Director for Smith Travel 413-585-2029
Colleen O'Mara, Associate Director for Alumnae Engagement 413-585-2588
Annie Croteau, Program Coordinator for Alumnae Engagement 413-585-2144
Amy Holich-Dunn AC '05, Assistant Director for Events and Programs 413-585-4406
Meri Hoverman, Assistant Director for Alumnae Engagement 413-585-2043
Nancy Streeter Howes, Program Coordinator for Events and Programs 413-585-2058
Rebecca Washut, Program Assistant for Travel Program 413-585-4405
Joy Williamson, Office Coordinator 413-585-2079

Smith Alumnae Quarterly
Send your story ideas, questions, or letters to SAQ@smith.edu, or call 413-585-2170.


Change of address?
To update your contact information, including your email and street addresses, write to alumnaerecords@smith.edu.