Nominate an alumna for the Smith College Medal

The Smith College Medal may be awarded annually to those alumnae who, in the judgment of the Trustees of the college, exemplify the true purpose of a liberal arts education through both their work and their lives.

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With respect to the above statement, please state why you think this person should receive the Smith College Medal. Has she "made a difference"? Is she a role model for today's undergraduates? ( Please be as specific as possible.)
Please list contact information of at least three people who have known the nominee in a variety of ways. Include their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.
IMPORTANT: Strict confidentiality is maintained throughout this nomination process. Please send as much supplemental material about your nominee as possible. A resume/curriculum vita, newspaper articles about the nominee, commendations, honors received, and any other information you have will be most helpful.
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