• Prague Across the Centuries

    Prague Across the Centuries

    May 22-30, 2016

    Spend a week embedded in the magic of Prague exploring the famous as well as out-of–the-way charms of this historic city with its countless spires, stone bridges and looming towers.

  • In the Wake of the Vikings

    In the Wake of the Vikings

    May 24-June 1, 2016

    Join us for an exclusive small ship voyage to Scotland’s remote, verdant and storied lands of the Inner Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland Islands—all linked by a fascinating Viking heritage.

  • Turning Points of History

    Turning Points of History

    June 1-13, 2016

    Age-old power struggles between eastern and western empires—definitive turning points in the course of history—have shaped the geopolitical map of the Mediterranean region that we know today.

  • Insider's Alaska

    Insider's Alaska

    July 4-12, 2016

    Join us on this amazing journey into the interior of the Last Frontier, a wildlife lover’s paradise. Explore iconic national parks and connect with nature through guided forays by foot, canoe or kayak—all at your own pace!

  • Symphony on the Blue Danube

    Symphony on the Blue Danube

    July 13-24, 2016

    Flowing through much of Eastern Europe, the Danube River is steeped in thousands of years of history and has served as a source of inspiration for musicians, artists, poets and travelers.

  • Passage of Lewis & Clark

    Passage of Lewis & Clark

    August 13-21, 2016

    Set sail on a seven-day cruise along the Columbia and Snake rivers aboard the most majestic, largest riverboat cruising the Pacific Northwest.

  • The Art of Living: Provence

    The Art of Living: Provence

    October 7-29, 2016

    Discover all that is French and fabulous in the Great Land of Inspiration—the magical region of Provence, where sun-drenched beaches and undulating hills tie the Mediterranean to the Alps.

  • Opus Mediterreano

    Opus Mediterreano

    October 8-17, 2016

    Cruise the Mediterranean aboard the elegant, 32-cabin sailing yacht Le Ponant, discovering beautiful coastal towns and history while listening to sublime chamber music performed exclusively for the journey by Grant Moss, pianist and Smith senior lecturer in music.

  • Japan


    October 10-22, 2016

    Take in a jumble of sights, sounds and tastes on this small group itinerary off the beaten path in Tokyo and Kyoto. Experience the local culture, bustling commerce, rich traditions and dizzying modernity of these unforgettable cities.

  • Flavors of Spain

    Flavors of Spain

    October 15-23, 2016

    During this unforgettable journey, explore the coveted region of Costa Brava, rich in architectural, cultural and edible treasures.

  • Rome Rediscovered

    Rome Rediscovered

    October 22-30, 2016

    See Rome as you never imagined, delving deep into the city’s history while uncovering fascinating facts about this anchor of civilization and its far-reaching impacts on art, architecture and culture.

  • Iran Past and Present

    Iran Past and Present

    November 5-16, 2016

    Join fellow alumnae in this exciting, first-ever Smith Travel trip to Iran on a remarkable and eye-opening journey.

  • Treasures of Southern Africa

    Treasures of Southern Africa

    November 9-24, 2016

    Discover the stunning beauty and fascinating culture of South Africa, a diverse region poised on a beautiful coastline with breathtaking mountains and expansive plains.

  • Egypt and the Eternal Nile

    Egypt and the Eternal Nile

    November 14-28, 2016

    Experience an unforgettable, comprehensive exploration of Egypt’s inspiring history and ancient civilizations. Start your in-depth journey on land in the bustling capital of Cairo, with stops at the world-renowned Egyptian Museum...