• Legendary Turkey

    Legendary Turkey

    September 6-20, 2014

    This Turkish adventure uniquely combines Europe and Asia, ancient and contemporary, along with the urbanity of Istanbul and the quiet solitude of the Turquoise Coast.

  • Spoleto & Umbria: Art, Culture, and Food

    Spoleto & Umbria: Art, Culture, and Food

    September 14-22, 2014

    Nestled in the verdant, picturesque hills of southern Umbria, at the very heart of Italy, Spoleto is unique among Italian hill towns, with one foot in a glorious past and another firmly planted in the contemporary.

  • Paris to Prague

    Paris to Prague

    October 6-19, 2014

    From your first destination in Paris, take the TVG high-speed train to Strasbourg, where you will board the elegant, 88-passenger River Cloud II...

  • Barging in Burgundy

    Barging in Burgundy

    October 7-17, 2014

    Enjoy the comfort, intimacy and leisurely pace of barge travel as you glide along the rivers and canals of the Burgundy region of central France.

  • Trade Routes of Coastal Iberia

    Trade Routes of Coastal Iberia

    October 10-18, 2014

    Sail the ancient trade routes of Phoenician, Roman and Moor mariners during this comprehensive itinerary and small ship cruise to the coastal jewels of the Iberian Peninsula, an area not often visited by Americans, during the best time of year.

  • Inner and Outer Landscapes: New Mexico

    Inner and Outer Landscapes: New Mexico

    October 19-24, 2014

    Join us for a visit to some of the most interesting human and natural landscapes of the Southwest. We’ll integrate our inner journey with the vast landscape of contemplative practices.

  • Israel


    October 28-November 8, 2014

    Start your small-group expedition to the Holy Land in the arts-and-culture capital of Tel Aviv, where you’ll tour Bauhaus architecture in the White City district, now a UNESCO site. In the port of Jaffa, scour the flea market and Artists’ Quarter, before following the coast to Roman ruins at Caesarea.

  • Sketches of Spain

    Sketches of Spain

    October 31-November 12, 2014

    From hip to historical, spanning city, countryside and seacoast, this journey offers a kaleidoscopic range of experiences and tastes.

  • Natural New Zealand

    Natural New Zealand

    December 29-January 11, 2015

    Sail from the granite cliffs of Milford Sound on New Zealand’s South Island to Auckland, its capital city on the North, marveling at the diverse landscape that includes glacial fjords and wide, sandy beaches.