Alumnae can compete for the following prizes from the Office of the Dean of the College.

The Barbara Jordan Prize For Study Of Law Or Public Policy

Established in 1989 to encourage African American women to undertake careers in law and public policy, after the example of Congresswoman Barbara Jordan (1936–96). Students and alumnae are eligible. The prize funds may be used to help prepare for admission (e.g., for application costs, internships, travel to interviews) or they may be applied toward academic loan forgiveness. The funds may also be held for later use to help meet the costs of tuition and books. More information >

David Burres Memorial Law Prize

Established in 1985 by the widow (Professor Emerita Helen Searing), family and friends of Attorney Burres, who, in his lifetime, encouraged the entry of women into the legal profession. The prize, to be used toward first-year tuition, is awarded to a graduating senior or an alumna who has been accepted to law school (entrance may be deferred; the prize will be held until needed). Preference is given to students aspiring to practice law in the public interest rather than for private gain, in memory of Attorney Burres’ work for the disenfranchised and in the area of civil liberties. Need is a factor, though the prize is not restricted to students on financial aid. More information >