The Office of Alumnae Relations believes  in life-long career development to help you maintain your professional edge. Through our webinar program, learn from alumnae and career experts on a variety of professional development topics.

Since these webinars are available online, you can access them anywhere and as often as you want. There is no charge for webinars but you must register to attend. Most webinars are held on Wednesdays at 12 pm Eastern time.


The Promise Process: Goals to Get More of What You Want in Work & Life
January 9  | 12 PM ET
Presented by: Jamie Eslinger ’96

This webinar will help you tap into the power of love, overcome your fears and move through life’s biggest obstacles with ease and grace – in order to get what you want. Jamie Eslinger, from, shares her year of NOT shopping, how it changed her life, her priorities and also changed how she sets goals. Learn how to apply The Promise Process to your life and biggest goals. The secret is this – the process works!

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Financial Wellness and Literacy: Overlooked Financial Details in Today’s Households
January 10  | 12 PM ET
Presented by: Karen Van Voorhis ’95, CFP

Are you disengaged with your overall financial picture? Do you let spouse/partner take care of everything or know everything, even if (especially if!) they are doing a great job of it? Avoid this common pitfall and get yourself on track to financial wellness and literacy. Join this webinar to discover they key things to know when thinking about your investments, insurance and estate planning. Come away from this session feeling more confident about how to shore up your financial situation.

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Interview Your Future Employer
January 11 | 12 PM ET
Presented by: Danielle Porak de Varna ’95 & Dr. Victor Porak de Varna

This webinar changes the game of classic job interviewing. Danielle and Victor will help change your mindset, from “I need to land this job” to “is this the right job and environment for me?” Learn how to prepare and execute job interviews that will get you into the right career. During the webinar we will address three major topics: 1) The Inner Game: This is about the right mindset, including questions such as “what do I need in order to feel happy and fulfilled in a workplace?” 2) The Outer Game: This is about preparing a strategy for the upcoming meeting, to have a game plan that will help candidates navigate the situation and make a decision if they want to work for the employer in question. 3) Execution: This is how candidates manage the interview itself, about finding out if the culture is a good fit, if team members and leaders are supportive and to listen for what is not being said during the interview.

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Fertility 101: Egg Freezing
January 23 | 12 PM ET 
Presented by: Stephanie Beall ’96

In the last 40 years there has been a 900% increase in women having their first child after 35 years of age. Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have and as we grow older our egg counts decline as well as our egg quality. For women delaying childbearing, egg freezing may be a good option to preserve their fertility. This webinar will introduce participants to the ins and outs of egg freezing.

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Defining Your Professional Image
January 25 | 12 PM ET
Presented by: Karen Gray ’78

Almost 80% of our evaluation of others comes from our body language. During this webinar we will gain an understanding of Amy Cuddy’s work on how nonverbal communication can shape who you are. This webinar will delve into three aspects of your professional image via:

  1. The connection between your physical presence, body language and what it communicates to others.
  2. Understanding what kind of presence you want to create and communicate: the influence of your career aspirations.
  3. What are the key levers to defining your professional presence?


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Life Design 360: Designing a Blueprint for Integrated Living
February 14 | 12 PM ET
Presented by: Nirupa Umapathy ’02

In this webinar, presenter Nirupa Umapathy ’02 will share actionable life lessons, habits and skills that she learned through the power of Design Thinking and integrated living. You will learn why Life Design is important, how to identify your priorities, and how to create your own curriculum and practice through disrupting your status quo.

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