The Office of Alumnae Relations believes  in life-long career development to help you maintain your professional edge. Through our webinar program, learn from alumnae and career experts on a variety of professional development topics.

Since these webinars are available online, you can access them anywhere and as often as you want. There is no charge for webinars but you must register to attend. Most webinars are held on Wednesdays at 12 pm Eastern time.



Getting Unstuck: Career Renewal Within Your Reach
February 28 | 12 PM ET
Presented by: Nayla Bahri ’95

In times of career challenges, some people get stuck, some people settle, and some people thrive. What’s the difference between those who emerge from career difficulty with a sense of renewal vs. everyone else? It’s not personality or great luck, it comes down to a set of observable behaviors and practices we can all adopt to renew our relationship with work. The concept of Career Renewal is a blend of inner work and external facing work that allow professionals to examine and re-frame their relationship with how they work and what they do. This webinar will help build your professional toolkit by teaching career renewal practices that are straightforward, practical, and within your reach. The practices are effective for those experiencing major career upheaval, as well as for those who want a jump-start a continuing role or job.

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Career Gaps, ‘You’re Overqualified’, and Ageism: Difficult Conversations in Career Reentry
March 7 | 12 PM ET
Presented by: Carol Fishman Cohen

Are you planning to reenter the workforce after an extended career break? Navigating the reentry networking and interviewing process is entirely different than in the standard job search. This webinar will discuss recommended language specifically for relaunching professionals based on their most frequently asked questions. It will also include discussion of how to suggest an internship or internship-like experience when speaking with a skeptical hiring manager.

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Financial Wellness and Literacy: Demystifying Investments
March 14 | 12 PM ET
Presented by: Karen Van Voorhis ’95

Investing is often fraught with confusion and an overwhelming amount of information. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. In this webinar, host Karen Van Voorhis ’95 takes a deeper dive into investing and shows how it can further your own personal financial wellness.

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Bringing Your Whole Self to Work
March 21 | 12 PM ET
Presented by: Aiko Bethea

The mainstream is trending with the concept of “being authentic” or “bringing your whole self” to work. There is much discussion on the value and benefits of doing so. However, there is little said about the cost in doing this. There is also very little discussion on how to do this wisely and respectfully. How can we be intentional about how we balance being authentic in various spaces like our work sphere?
This webinar will help you: Gauge what companies and work spaces honor who you are as a professional and as an individual, gain tools and perspective that will raise your awareness about when your values are compromised, show you how you can integrate your values with your professional work identity, take ownership and taking stock of how you show up.

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