Webinars are a great way for you to hone your career skills, learn new tips and get needed advice from career experts and alumnae on the topics that are most important to you—all from the convenience of your own home or office. Click on a link below to listen in and see the accompanying webinar presentation. The descriptive titles tell you what the session is all about.

Personal Development

Protecting Data: Your Customer’s and Your Own

Abigail Claiborne ’02

The Power of Saying “No”- or, How to Say “Yes” to Less

Leah Fallon ’01

Changing the Conversation

Marissa Fond ’03

Life Design 360

Nirupa Umapathy ’02

Fertility 101: Egg Freezing

Stephanie Beall ’96

Financial Wellness and Literacy: Overlooked Financial Details in Today’s Households

Karen Van Voorhis ’95

Financial Wellness and Literacy: Demystifying Investing

Karen Van Voorhis ’95

The Promise Process: Goals to Get More of What You Want in Work and Life

Jamie Eslinger ’96

Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence for Leadership and Life

Jung Starrett ’83

Common Core for Parents: Understanding the Educational Shift

Emily Markussen Sorsher ’04

Legacy Letters: Share What Matters and Deepen Connections

Melanie Vetter ’80, founder of Wellfleet Circle

Welcoming What Is: Mind Body Practices for Accepting Challenging Parts of Ourselves and Our Lives

Beth Charbonneau ’96, LCSW-C psychotherapist

Finding Hope and Sanity in the Face of a Loved One’s Chemical Dependency

Madeleine Craig ’91 educator, professionally trained life coach, and gifted workshop facilitator

Alternative Family Building Strategies for the 21st Century

Julie DiBiase ’90, Ph.D., MFA, MS,  Co-Active Coach and founder of Fertility Allies

Fit Beyond Fads

Helene Darmanin ’10, Personal Trainer, Medical Exercise Interventionist, and Group Fitness Instructor.

A Roadmap for Expectant Parents: Navigating Parental Leave in your Workplace

Sarah Winawer-Wetzel ’05, Senior Project Manager and rofessional squeaky wheel at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Me: Self-Compassion and Beyond for Smithies

Jobie Summer ’91, Speaker, Author and Communication Expert

Resources for Raising Philanthropic (and Financially Fit) Kids

Dara Steinberg ’00, Executive Director, Lippman Kanfer Family Philanthropies 

Peeling Paint and Cracked Glazing: Basic Maintenance Everyone Should Know for Historic Homes

Lauren Drapala ’08, architectural conservator and historian

 Parenting Through the College Transistion 

Jane Adams Ph.D. ’60, writer, speaker and Psychologist/Coach 

From Chaos to Order: Beginning a Mindfulness Practice

Allison Drude Cook ’10, MA, RYT, Founder of OhmStyleLiving

The ROI of Self-care: Inspiring Greatness in Yourself and Your Organization

Pat Lynch ’74, president of Business Alignment Strategies

Have More Impact in Less Time

Christine Duvivier, leader/speaker/mentor

Ideas That Move

Lex Schroeder ’05, writer and editor at The Lean Enterprise Institute

The Time of Your Life! How to Have Time for the Things You Love,
When You Have No Time

Melanie Patterson, coach, ABC Solutions

Embracing Change

Sari Roth-Roemer ’86, Intuitive Psychology

Finding Balance in Your Life

Sari Roth-Roemer ’86, Intuitive Psychology

Job Search

Ace the Interview

Amalia Francalangia ’08

Career Gaps, “You’re Overqualified” and Ageism: Difficult Conversations in Career Reentry

Carol Fishman Cohen

Interview Your Future Employer

Danielle Porak de Varna ’95 MEd, and Dr. Victor Porak de Varna

Working in Paradise: Jobs in National Parks, Forests, Scenic Areas, and Wildlife Refuges

Kate Picher ’82

Volunteering is Work! How to think about transferable skills 

Carrie Stewart ’81, intercultural communication consultant

How to Network When You Don’t Know What You Want to Do

        Anna Graham Hunter ’89, Career Happiness Coach 

       How to Use the Smith College Career Beam Success Center 

        Rachel Katz, Senior Account Manager at CareerBeam

        Life’s a BITCH and then You Change Careers 

        Colleen DelVecchio, director of Smith College Alumnae Engagement

The Two Page Resume: When is it OK?

        Colleen DelVecchio, director of Smith College Alumnae Engagement

Creating a Dream Career in Any Economy or Market

Anna Graham Hunter ’89

Staying Motivated During a Long Job Search

Jason Bauer-Clapp, associate director of internships and programs

Getting Ahead with Headhunters

Cathy Muldoon ’88

Using Social Media to Boost Your Job Search

Rachel Pryzby ’09, founder of Resumes by Rachel

A Job Hunter’s Guide to Social Media

Tish Grier AC ’01, social media strategist

Framing Your Volunteer Experience

Colleen DelVecchio, director of Smith College Alumnae Engagement

Fight the Label: The Job Search for Individuals with Disabilities

Colleen DelVecchio, director of Smith College Alumnae Engagement

Professional Development

A Career Arc from Science to Business

Deebie Symmes ’81

 Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

Aiko Bethea ’96

Getting Unstuck: Career Renewal is Within Your Reach

Nayla Bahri ’95

Defining Your Professional Image

Karen Gray ’78

Energetic Interviewing

Danielle Porak de Varna ’95 MEd, and Dr. Victor Porak de Varna

To Be or Not to Be an Employee or an Entrepreneur?

Rebecca Reynolds Moore ’86 and Miki Feldman Simon

Communicate Courageously in your Career to Increase Confidence, Credibility and Connection

Jobie Summer ’91, Speaker, Author and Coach

Following Your Strengths Leads to Success

Mary Hubbard ’80, Dependable Strengths Facilitator and Dr. Kate Duttro, Career coach

Building a Robust, Durable Social Media Platform: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Karen Gross ’74, Author, Educator and Senior Counsel to Widmeyer Communications and, Hadley Dreibelbis, Senior Account Executive for Finn Partners’ Higher Education team 

Funded!  Pursue Your Passions Through Fellowships

Lucy Gent Foma ’09, dancer, city planner, and writer

Building Meaningful Connections: The Coffee Lunch Coffee Approach 

Alana Muller ’93, networking speaker, workshop facilitator, coach and author

Speak Your Truth: Hot to Win Over Audiences + Build Your Brand 

Angela Lussier, award-winning speaker, author, and trainer

What’s Holding Women Back in Business 

Erin Moran McCormick ’83, Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at UMass Boston,  founder of Year of Action, and author

Your Story, Your Success

Elaine Bennet ’81, Award-Winning Corporate Speech Writer

FINANCIAL WELLNESS:  Overlooked Financial Details in Today’s Households 

Karen Van Voorhis ’95 CFP, Vice President of the Wealth Management group at Sapers & Wallack

Developing Stronger Women

Donielle Albrecht MS ’04

Mom Corps YOU: Jessica Bacal, Using Your Mistakes as a Stepping Stone to Achieve Success

Jessical Bacal, director of the Smith College Wurtele Center for Work and Life, and the editor of the book, “Mistakes I Made at Work.”

LinkedIn 101

Colleen DelVecchio, director of Smith College Alumnae Engagement

Storytelling for Leadership

Ayla Schlosser ’09, Co-founder & CEO of Resonate

Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up,       Create, and Lead

Tara Mohr

How Women can Gain Professional Confidence

Terri Tierney Clark ’81, Author

Making the Most of Board Membership

Dorie Clark ’97 and Robin Jenkins ’90

“In the Beginning…” Presentation Creation 101

Kayla Schwartz ’84, presentation and communications coach

Negotiating Salaries, Raises and Promotions

Katie Slater, Career Infusion Coaching

Applying to Graduate School

Daryl Gehman, assistant director of Smith’s Lazarus Center for Career Development

Networking Your Way to the Top: Strategies for Connecting With Smithies

Colleen DelVecchio, director of alumnae engagement

How to Blog: Blogging Like You Mean It

Kate Sheehan, special projects coordinator for Bibliomation

Play to Win

Christine Duvivier, leader/speaker/mentor

How to Be a Mentor

Colleen DelVecchio, director of Smith College Alumnae Engagement

How to Find a Mentor

Colleen DelVecchio, director of Smith College Alumnae Engagement

Savvy Negotiation: How to Ask with Confidence to Get What You Want

Jamie Lee ’04, Negotiation trainer 


The Gig Economy: Taking the Leap to Freelancing

Leah G. Fallon’01, founder of Eleven Eleven

HR Issues for Start-Ups and Small Businesses

Kara M. Maciel ’96founding partner of Conn Maciel Carey

The Power of Choice: Navigational Tips for Entrepreneurs

Dr. Sari Roth-Roemer ’86

Tips for Entrepreneurs: Getting Your Heart and Mind in Sync

MaryAnn Whitney ’74

How to Connect to the Media

Janice Beetle, Beetle Press

How to Write a Business Plan

Janice Beetle and Mark NeJame

Magnetize Your Ideal Clients and Fill Your Pipeline Forever!

        Melanie Patterson AC’ 04