Class officers are elected every five years during Reunion. See the following appointment descriptions.

Class President

Term: 5 years
Appointments: Nominating Committtee Chair (approximately two years before Reunion)
Contact: Director for Reunions, Classes and Clubs

The class president provides leadership to class officers and class members, communicating regularly with officers to ensure they are meeting their responsibilities and that the class maintains a website and/or social media, and may appoint assistants for any and all projects.

Guide for Class Presidents

All the President’s Women – A presentation from the 2015 Volunteer Leadership Conference

  • Send at least one class newsletter per year (preferably electronically, but may be print), or up to three newsletters in the year preceding Reunion
  • Arrange an annual meeting with class officers, either in-person or via conference call
  • Maintain regular and ongoing contact with the Executive Committee
  • Work with the Office of Alumnae Relations to send broadcast emails to the class
  • Preside at the class meeting that marks the end of the term, held during Reunion
  • Participate in training offered by the OAR
  • Consult with the Executive Committee and the OAR to appoint someone to fill an unexpired term due to a resignation or vacancy
  • Maintain contact with the Reunion chair during the planning and scheduling of Reunion events; attend Reunion
  • Keep records of important communications with class officers and class members and correspondence with the OAR to pass on to the succeeding president

Class Reunion Chair

Term: 5 years
Appointments: House Representatives, Meal Chair(s), Headquarters Chair, Parade Chair
Contact: Assistant Director for Reunions, Classes and Clubs
Other Possible Reunion Committee Chairs: Mini-Reunion Chair, House Reps Chair, Spouse/Partner Activity Chair, Program or Event Chair, Nametag Chair

The OAR recommends two Reunion co‐chairs. The Reunion chairs appoint classmates to committees, coordinate the work involved and work closely with the OAR staff. The Reunion Planning Guide includes detailed information about the job responsibilities; it is distributed 18 months prior to Reunion and is available in the Tools for Reunion Planners.

  • Identify and recruit classmates for the Reunion committee
  • Plan Reunion schedule/programming for the class and coordinate the development of a Reunion theme and graphics
  • Oversee the Reunion budget (in cooperation with the class treasurer)
  • Act as the principal source of Reunion information and submit Reunion updates to class officers for inclusion in class communications
  • Participate in training offered by the OAR throughout the term and specifically 18 months prior to Reunion
  • Attend the Reunion of the preceding class as an observer one year before Reunion
  • Complete a post‐Reunion report to be shared with the current and succeeding Reunion chair(s) and the OAR
  • Maintain all planning records, including Reunion mailings, newsletters, emails, theme ideas, vendors, lists of committee members, etc., to pass on to succeeding chairs

Class Secretary

Term: 5 years
Contact: Associate Editor, Smith Alumnae Quarterly

The class secretary is responsible for submitting a class notes column four times a year for the “Alumnae Lives” section of the Smith Alumnae Quarterly (SAQ).

  • Write a class notes column for the SAQ and submit it by the required deadlines
  • Communicate with the associate editor by phone and email as needed
  • Report any changes in a classmate’s contact information to the records department

Class Treasurer

Term: 5 years
Contact: Office Coordinator

The class treasurer is responsible for the fiscal management of the class treasury, including collecting dues and maintaining all financial records. The OAR has brought class treasuries in-house, with expenses authorized by the class treasurer or president and handled internally (whenever possible) at the college.

Guide for Class Treasurers

  • Pay/authorize payment of all authorized class bills and volunteer reimbursements
  • Solicit dues if the class chooses to collect them (many classes rely solely upon revenue generated by Reunion registrations)
  • Ensure that the class has a firm financial base from which to launch a Reunion
  • Assist the Reunion chair(s) in developing a Reunion budget—see sample and instructions in the Reunion Planning Guide
  • Receive a financial summary from Smith College at the end of each fiscal year and maintain a record of year-end statements
  • Submit an itemized financial statement to the class president for inclusion in any class communications as necessary
  • Transfer financial information to the new treasurer following Reunion

Class Web Chair/Digital Media Coordinator

Term: 5 years
Contact: Web Design Associate; Digital Coordinator

The class web chair is responsible for creating and maintaining the class website and/or the class presence on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The class web chair should be familiar with web development (Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage), word processing (Microsoft Word) and digital photography.

  • Create and maintain the class website, using either OAR templates or web development software; ensure that it is linked through the OAR website
  • Share news of the class and college using social media
  • Ensure the security of classmates’ personal information online and always obtain permissions before identifying classmates in a photo or document
  • Serve as a Smith Fund social media ambassador to share news from the Smith Fund on the class website and/or via social media

Fund Team Coordinator

Term: 5 years
Contact: Smith Fund Staff Liaison

The Fund Team Coordinator is a class officer. She serves as the leader for the fund team and the link between the Smith Fund staff liaison and team members. She will work collaboratively with class officers and fund team members on common goals. The Fund Team Coordinator appeals directly to class officers and fund team members to ask for support, helps strategize ways to increase participation and dollars, and helps coordinate class fund outreach and communication.

  • Work with Smith Fund staff to identify potential volunteers
  • Recruit Smith Fund volunteers
  • Represent The Smith Fund’s goals and objectives
  • Coordinate the communication between the fund team and class officers
  • Contact and establish a relationship with all fund team members and class officers
  • Solicit class officers and fund team for gifts each fiscal year through reunion
  • Follow up with an appreciative thank you when gifts are received
  • Give consistently to The Smith Fund each year