The AASC fosters opportunities for alumnae who share a common interest, goal or identity to connect and further the mission and traditions of the college. You may submit proposals to the OAR for short-term projects or programs that may be of interest to a designated group.


  • Advances the interests of  Smith College, the AASC and alumnae and does not conflict with their mission
  • Open to all Smith alumnae
  • Encourages involvement with local Smith clubs
  • Affirms support of the AASC by developing volunteer leaders

Proposal Submission and Approval Process

Individuals interested in organizing an affinity or special interest group should contact the OAR to discuss the information needed for a written proposal. Proposal requirements vary depending upon the organization.

  • Proposed group leader electronically submits proposal to
  • ASIC members review proposal and work with the proposed group leader(s) to make necessary changes
  • ASIC chair sends proposal approval notice to group leader via email
  • Group seeking an affinity designation submits bylaws to for OAR board approval