Smith women, their families and friends love to read. Smith Reads is the place to share that passion. It is an online book club exclusively for the Smith community.

How Smith Reads Works

Every couple of months, we’ll provide you with a new title to enjoy. At the same time, you’ll have access to resources about the book, including supplemental reading materials, videos with faculty and interviews with authors. Existing Smith book clubs may also use these materials for their own conversations.

There will be a number of ways to discuss books, including a discussion forum, social media, in-person events and live webinars that will be announced throughout the year.

The best part is, you can participate wherever and whenever you want.

This year we are partnering with Mt. Holyoke College to bring you a 4-part book series that focuses on your career. This series, called Connecting Conversations, will feature books on career change, women’s leadership, entrepreneurship and making the most of your twenties. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to discuss the books and gain access to the bimonthly career webinars and events.

To join Smith Reads, you simply need to start reading the book and join in on the conversation. Happy reading!