Now that you are the leader of an alumnae club or group, we want to help you implement a smooth leadership transition. We’ve put together a checklist that both the incoming and outgoing leaders should review.

Checklist for Incoming Club Leader

  • Set up a meeting with the outgoing leader to go over questions and topics
  • Collect club documents from the previous leader
  • Schedule a meeting of new and old board/leadership committee members
  • Review the available resources on the OAR Club Resources page
  • Schedule a call with the assistant director for alumnae engagement
  • Send a list of current club leaders so that the OAR has accurate records
  • Introduce yourself to alumnae via a newsletter, broadcast email and/or Facebook post

List of Questions & Topics

The following questions and topics are a guide to help you think about your new role. They may also help guide your discussion with your predecessor.

Overview of the Local Club

  • What is the club mission?
  • How do your describe your club?
  • How would you describe the alumnae in your area?
  • When was the last time alumnae were asked for programming ideas or to complete a survey?


  • Does the club have a flagship program, such as an annual event, a regular fundraiser or book club?
  • What are some of the club’s fundraising programs?


  • What are your goals as club leader?
  • What are the aspects of club leadership that you like? What aspects are more challenging?

Leadership & Governance

  • What is the structure of the board or leadership committee? What support is in place for you?
  • What do you think would be the ideal leadership structure?
  • What is the process for board or leadership development?
  • Check club bylaws. Is an all-club meeting required annually?


  • What is the most effective form of communication with club members?
  • When do you send club news?
  • What kind of information do you send in broadcast emails?
  • Who keeps the club’s website up-to-date?
  • Does the club have an email account and Facebook page? Who responds to emails and posts messages?


  • What are the biggest hurdles (communication, volunteers, venues) you have?
  • What ideas do you have to overcome challenges?
  • What is your annual club timeline?


  • What are some best practices for money management?
  • Who can sign checks and access accounts?
  • How do you handle revenue, dues and expenses?
  • Does the club have a tax-exempt status?
  • Is your club a 501©(3)?
  • Does the club have any scholarship funds?


  • What are the resources and support from the OAR?
  • Where can you get a list of club leaders in your region?
  • Are there any past club leaders who could be a resource for you?
  • Are there any college trustees or AASC board members (current or past) in your area?

Important Club Documents

  • Bylaws (if any) and amendments
  • Determination letter, Tax ID documents, EIN
  • Copy of past annual and financial reports (should be on file at the OAR)
  • Board/leadership meeting minutes
  • Club files history, newsletters, etc.
  • List of current board/leadership committee members with contact information and term dates
  • Electronic files and folders, with passwords if applicable

Schedule Meeting of New & Old

  • Send the agenda and assignments prior to the meeting
  • Review leaders’ and volunteers’ responsibilities
  • Review nominating/election process
  • Strategize for the coming year and set goals
  • Develop yearly budget