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Smith College Class of 1963


Dear Classmates:

It is my pleasure to reach out to you with the second of the fall and spring class letters I intend to write annually as class president. My goal is to facilitate the strong connectivity we established with both the college and each other over the 50th reunion.

As a passionate Smith alum I will of course lead off with a pitch to make your annual gift to the Smith Fund before the June 30 FY deadline. I wrote in the fall about the huge value to the college of a high participation rate, not only financially but for rankings and grants. Thus, it is more important to give annually than to let this pass and give a larger amount occasionally. But let’s never forget the heart of why we give. For me it’s partly about giving back but also very much about giving forward. Hear how one of our classmates talks about giving forward:

“I personally resonate to the fact that Smith really ‘gets’ the values, skills and commitment around leadership and doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff, including the complexity of transgender realities. I admire the local, national and international ways Smith students and alums commit to running their/our lives with social awareness. Whether taking part in book group discussions, serving on boards or choosing professions with strong missions, I am consistently struck by the purposiveness of Smith women. That’s stuff to support.”

Back to the value of connectivity, what do you think of establishing LISTSERV for our class? Abigail Wiebenson has been puzzling for some time now about ways to make it easier for us to communicate with each other. She and Rosalie Kerr, our web chair, agree that LISTSERV is worth trying, perhaps for a three month trial run. Abigail has seen listserv create vibrant new communications on many interesting topics amongst her partner’s class of 1963 at Amherst. See below to read Abigail’s descriptions of what listserv is all about. I will talk to the alumnae office about this but meanwhile
Abigail would really like your feedback. Contact her at

“The essence of a listserv is automatic connection and responsiveness. Logistically, those in our class who have email become a big circle of communication. Think of it as your Rolodex come alive through technology. With the press of a keystroke we can be in direct communication with every classmate simultaneously. At any time classmates can have their say. Or not. Anyone can initiate a conversation.

“With a website, a classmate has to log on. It’s cumbersome and limiting. A listserv is instantaneous and responsive. Any subject, any time. Want to let people know about an event in a particular city? Want to urge about deadlines? Want to explore a topic? Want classmates to know about the passing of one of us? All done in an instant. With a listserv you can ‘reply all’ or just to the sender.”

Spotlight on classmates

We have a great new chair of House Reps! Liz Raisbeck has come on board to replace Mary Trexler Funch who had to resign to care for her ailing father. Our guru Carole Whitehill will be working with Liz to re-activate the wonderful team of reps who carried us through the 50th. We hope that all of you will continue in your posts! Liz will be in touch with you this fall.

Click here to read about Sheila Morrin Humphreys being honored by President Obama for her distinguished career in support of women in engineering.

And click here to read a recent article in the national news by Gillian Martin Sorenson about the need for a woman to be the next Secretary General of the UN.

Reunion 2018

A word from our VP and 55th reunion chair, Nancy Tipton Myers:
“I know, I know – that’s three years away (actually 2 ½), but if you are anything like me, I barely turn around and three months have gone by! Start thinking about what you would like to do to help. Host a mini-reunion? Serve on a committee? Come up with a theme? Costumes? There’s plenty of things, big and small, that will contribute to a successful event. Get in touch with me at with any suggestions or wishes. We had such a great time at the 50th…now we can relax and have fun getting back in touch at our 55th.

Best wishes for a great summer. Hope we have all finally learned to relax and truly enjoy it!

Mollie Fair
1963 Class President


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