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Smith College Class of 2009

Hi 2009 Smithies!

Can you believe it has been more than a year already since our fifth reunion? 2015 Commencement looked amazing and Convocation is just around the corner. If you haven’t seen the Commencement pictures, check out Smith’s Facebook and Instagram account. The class of 2019 moves in soon – the house banners are going up as we speak! We will have to wait and see about the Convocation pictures. Just four more years till we are back!

In the year since our fifth reunion, we have raised $6,755! More importantly, 18% of our class donated. Last year, gifts of $100 or less totaled more than $500,000. So, even if you can just donate $5, remember it adds up! One of the amazing things, for your board at least, is how important Smith remains to our alumnaes’ lives and how we can ensure Smith can be for future students what it was and is for us.

This past year has been full of changes for Smith. Most importantly, Smith opened up its admission policy to include all women, regardless of the gender assigned at their birth. This is an important step for a college that prides itself on its accepting and inclusive identity. This is a change and adapting to this might be difficult, but it is important to always have an open and respectful dialogue. Smithies are smart and know how to speak their mind and nothing should ever stand in the way of that.

Unfortunately, our class lost one of its members this year. Georgina Lopez, known to her friends as Gina, passed away this past October. Her name and an obituary will appear in an upcoming Alumnae Quarterly. Please reach out to each other to share your memories! I know Gina touched a lot of lives and will always be a part of our lives.

Thinking about our 10 year reunion, what do you guys want to see and do? We have put together a short survey so share what you think! Click here to take the survey.

Going forward, we will be better about communicating with the class and keeping you guys updated! If you have any questions, please contact us through Facebook or the Gmail account. Also, we encourage you to keep your information in the Smith Alumnae Community updated so we can stay connected.

Hope to see you all in four years!

Nancy, Bo, Annie, Gretchen, Christina, Morgan, Andrea

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