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Notes from Paradise
Science Business Education the Smith-Tuck Way
Smith College and Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business are collaborating on the Smith-Tuck Business Bridge Program. Held on the Smith campus in early summer, the program will give Smith students and other college women the chance to learn about the world of business and provide critical skills to prepare them for leadership. Share the news with young women who could benefit.
The Dark Side of Retail Alumna Plays Key Role in Ebola Research
Microbiologist Angela Rasmussen ’00 is co-author of a Science article about her Ebola research. In an NPR interview, Rasmussen notes that scientists don’t yet know of any genes that might influence someone’s response to the virus. “Prior to this outbreak in West Africa, there haven’t been that many human patients with Ebola, so these studies haven’t been conducted in people.”
A Great Opportunity to Support Smith Dec. 7: Watch Christmas Vespers Live
Christmas Vespers will be held on Sunday, Dec. 7, at 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. EST in John M. Greene Hall. The events are open to the public and feature the Smith College Chorus, Glee Club, Chamber Singers, Handbell Choir and Orchestra. The 4 p.m. performance will once again be streamed live, allowing alumnae around the world to enjoy this annual Smith holiday tradition. Click here to watch the live stream.
A Great Opportunity to Support Smith Patron of the Arts
When Smith opened its doors in 1875, President Laurenus Clark Seelye thought the college should have its own art collection. Seelye’s vision is one reason Smith now has a formidable collection of late-19th-century American art. Professor of Art John Davis has been studying this aspect of Smith history. Find out what he’s learned in the latest edition of Insight.
A Great Opportunity to Support Smith New Dean Has Open Door for Students
As the new dean of the college and vice president for campus life, Donna Lisker says her door will always be open to students. Lisker was formerly associate vice provost for undergraduate education at Duke University, where she helped to create the Baldwin Scholars, a four-year leadership program for women. She looks forward to the opportunity to focus on issues in women's education.
A Great Opportunity to Support Smith Smith Fund Challenge: 31 Days, $2.5 Million
Smith is committed to eliminating the financial obstacles that are all too often the biggest barrier to women seeking an education. Give to the Smith Fund's annual December Financial Aid Challenge. The goal is to raise $2.5 million in 31 days. Now is the time for all alumnae to support the future of women’s education and women's leadership. Every gift helps. Click here for more information.
A Great Opportunity to Support Smith Wanted: Honorary Degree Nominations
The Honorary Degrees Committee is seeking names of individuals for consideration as honorary degree candidates. Nominees should be women who are exemplars of excellence in their chosen field or women and men who have had a special impact on Smith College, on the education of women or on women's lives. Click here for more information and the submission form.
Video Spotlight
Learn about the life and legacy of Otelia Cromwell 1900, the first African American to graduate from Smith. Produced in honor of the 25th annual celebration of Otelia Cromwell Day, Nov. 6.
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Notes from Paradise

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