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Summer 2014

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Summer 2014

  • The power of education: Janet Wright Ketcham ’53 aims to eliminate barriers to educating girls
  • Sisters advocate for a critical resource
  • New Ada graduate triumphs over brain injury
  • Commencement and Reunion in photos

Spring 2014

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Spring 2014

  • After-school ally: Emilie Phillips Smith ’82 sees afternoons as prime time for developing caring kids
  • Standing up for women at Jerusalem’s Western Wall
  • The fabulous pen behind Fancy Nancy
  • Training data scientists

Winter 2013

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Winter 2013

  • A fight for fairness: Alumnae activists take heart as equal-marriage laws spread across the land
  • Suzanne Corking ’59 and the unforgettable amnesic patient
  • Student flees two wars to find safe haven
  • Inauguration of President McCartney

Fall 2013

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Fall 2013

  • Stewards of the soil: Alumnae use their liberal arts smarts to cultivate successful sustainable farms
  • Campus preps for festive inauguration
  • Garden holds built-in geology lesson
  • Researcher Jean Merril ’69 and the mystery of MS
  • Unforgettable interiors of Tobin Schermerhorn ’80

Summer 2013

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Summer 2013

  • Legacy of a leader: Carol Christ reflects on the successes and challenges of her 11-year presidency
  • Big, bold artwork inspires teen moms
  • Arianna Huffington’s Commencement advice
  • College builds a little place in the woods

Spring 2013

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Spring 2013

  • Meet Kathleen McCartney: 11th President of Smith College
  • Knowing when to quit brings unexpected rewards
  • Merrill Garbus ’01 pushes the bounds of pop music
  • A physician and her medical kit go a long way in Uganda

Winter 2012

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Winter 2012

  • The China connection: Alumnae ride the waves of China’s changing culture and economy
  • Women for the World: Launch of a far-reaching campaign

Fall 2012

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Fall 2012

  • The making of a philanthropist: Janet Clarke McKinley ’76

Summer 2012

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Summer 2012

  • Documenting dreams: Filmmaker Michelle Medina ’05 turns her lens on stories of hope and ambition amid the poverty of Morocco

Spring 2012

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Spring 2012

  • Green means go: Aimee Christensen ’91 has this message for corporations: What’s good for the climate is good for business

Winter 2011

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Winter 2011

  • Building Hope: Architect Erinn McGurn ’94’s ambitious project to build safe, sustainable schools in sub-Saharan Africa is transforming communities and promising a brighter future for the children there

Fall 2011

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Fall 2011

  • Shirey Sagawa ’83 wants you! The AmeriCorps founder is looking for a few good volunteers to help transform America
  • Solving the mystery of autism
  • Signs of an Arab Spring
  • Debut novelist’s magical tale
  • Reunion 2011

Summer 2011

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Summer 2011

  • eHealth visionary: Internet entrepreneur Denise Silber ’74 finds her niche in Paris (and gains France’s top honor)
  • Peace Corps at 50– class of ’61 recalls bold experiment
  • Untold story of the alumna who saved Gone with the Wind
  • High-flying Quidditch lands on campus

Spring 2011

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Summer 2011

  • Head of the class: Alumnae educators– like Rachel Willis ’04– reflect on what motivates them to inspire their students every day
  • Smith unveils new academic centers
  • Physician Laura Trice ’90 makes healthy “junk food”
  • Cubicle chic blogger Meredith Duncan ’08 offers tips on looking good at work

Winter 2010

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Winter 2010

  • Mapping the universe: Tiffany Montague ’96 is leading Google’s adventures in space
  • Happiness. Everyone seeks it. Why some women find it so elusive
  • Jeannie Cho brings a unique perspective to Asia’s wine market
  • Margaret Worthen ’06’s long road back

Fall 2010

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Fall 2010

  • Finding common ground: Farah Pandith ’90 reaches out to Muslim communities around the world
  • Anne De Groot ’78’s quest to eradicate deadly diseases
  • Durreen Shahnaz ’89’s socially responsible venture
  • Smith’s thriving community garden

Summer 2010

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Fall 2010

  • Answering Haiti’s call: Melinda Miles ’98 is one of several alumnae working hard to bring Haiti back from the brink after January’s devastating earthquake
  • A mother’s memoir
  • Gloria Heath ’43: Pioneer of the skies
  • Changes at the chapel

Spring 2010

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Fall 2010

  • Smith looks outward: Students find Smith to be the perfect match for their global ambitions
  • San Francisco alumnae give low-income women a boost
  • Alumna savors life in the slow lane

Winter 2009: 100th Anniversary Issue

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Winter 2009

  • 100 years of women’s words

Fall 2009

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Fall 2009

  • A symphony of her own: Conductor Carolyn Kuan ’99 sets her sights on becoming only the second woman in history to lead a major American orchestra
  • Chronicling an international student’s first year
  • Reunion revelers reflect on their post-Smith lives
  • Ford Hall is green from the ground up

Summer 2009

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Fall 2009

  • After class: English professor Elizabeth Gallagher Von Klemperer ’44 and other emeriti faculty reflect on the years they spent teaching– and the freedom of retirement
  • Can engineering aim for social justice?
  • Tori Murden McClure ’85’s courageous acts
  • How Smith helped bring a poor library back to life

Spring 2009

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Spring 2009

  • A mother’s victory: Bridget Marks ’85 went through “custody hell” to kep her two daughters. Now she’s working with legislators to ensure that other parents don’t face the same nightmare.
  • Life lessons from alumnae who lived through the Great Depression
  • What you can do now to weather these though times
  • Journalist Simran Sethi ’92 is on a mission to save the planet

Winter 2008

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Winter 2008

  • Messenger of faith and healing: Prominent physician-turned-Episcopal-priest Anne Brower ’60 helps parishioners as they struggle with life’s deepest questions
  • From books to bytes: How libraries are managing in our digital world
  • Her own song: Haniya Aslam ’02 finds pop success in Pakistan

Fall 2008

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Winter 2008

  • Front and center: Well-placed alumnae are a driving force in this year’s race for the White House
  • Why women will decide our next president
  • Smith faculty on what the election has taught us about race, gender, and history
  • Reunion 2008: The women we’ve become

Summer 2008

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Summer 2008

  • Honest talk: Four seniors open up about race on campus
  • Patricia Marten DiBartolo ’89 uncovers perfectionism’s damaging roots
  • Six alumnae poets on why poetry matters
  • What’s next for Oscar-winning filmmaker Cynthia Wade ’89

Spring 2008

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Spring 2008

  • Women and heart disease
  • A call for justice: In 1927, Smith students and faculty rallied to save two convicted murderers
  • Fair play: economics professor Andrew Zimbalist revists Title IX
  • All that jazz: Sue Graham Mingus ’52 celebrates her husband’s musical legacy

Winter 2007

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Winter 2007

  • Keeper of the trust: Enforcement chief Linda Chatman Thomsen ’76 does more than ensure the integrity of the nation’s stock exchanges; she protects people’s lifestyles
  • A professor’s pilgrimage: Floyd Cheung and his students travel to a World War II-era Japanese internment camp and learn an important history lesson
  • Hire-wire act: Krin Haglund ’99 wows crowds as a “new circus” performer
  • A place for poets: Smith’s Poetry Center marks a milestone

Fall 2007

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Fall 2007

  • America’s new “cool girl” chef: TV chef and author Devin Alexander ’93 adds a dash of fun to low-fat cooking
  • “When is it going to stop?” Women’s lives are busier than ever and the stress is taking a surprising toll on their physical well-being
  • She got game: Soccer coach Luma Mufleh ’97 has become a champion for children from war-torn countries who have settled in the United States
  • Narratives of success: Reunion inspires alumnae to recall their youthful dreams– and what really happened

Summer 2007: Women’s Health Issue

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Summer 2007

  • A surgeon’s journey: Even before her own diagnosis, breast cancer surgeon Carolyn Scerbo Kaelin ’83 was known for her patients-come-first spirit. Her experience as a survivor has only deepend her empathy.
  • A revolution in care: Forty years of women’s health history
  • Menopause: How alumnae are managing this midlife milestone
  • Smart foods: Keys to good nutrition at every stage of life

Spring 2007

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Summer 2007

  • Small wonders: Alumnae pin their hopes on the latest reproduction technology to achieve their dreams of motherhood
  • Board equity: Already powerful on nonprofit boards, women are slowly making headway in the corporate boardroom
  • Sounds of Smith: Radio station WOZQ streams worldwide on the Web

Winter 2006

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Winter 2006

  • Art, from the insude: How alumnae like Thelma Golden ’87 are shaping New York’s art scene– and their advice to students hoping to break in
  • The chaos of clutter: Psychology professor Randy Frost explores the complex behavior of compulsive disorders
  • Laptops to iPods: The high-tech staples of student life
  • The changing face of Smith: Alumnae welcome the most diverse class in the college’s history

Fall 2006

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Fall 2006

  • A seat at the table: Reaching Hispanic consumers is critical, and advertising executive Delores Kunda ’77 is making sure business pay attention to this vital audience
  • Reunion 2006
  • Darcy Wakefield ’92: An excerpt from her inspiring memoir about life and loss
  • A peek at the class of 2010: Who are they? Where do they come from? What will they study?

Summer 2006

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Fall 2006

  • Dating’s new rules: Who pays? Whose income matters? Who makes the first move? Four young alumnae report that much has changed on the road to romance
  • Julia McWilliams Child ’34: An excerpt from her final book
  • Bringing some relief to the Gulf Coast
  • The scream heard round the campus

Spring 2006

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Fall 2006

  • A “voice of conscience”: Pioneering medical sociologist Renee Fox ’49 was one of the first to raise important ethical questions about how far doctors should go in their quest to prolong life
  • Mixing it up in the sciences
  • Alumnae in the blogosphere

Winter 2005

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Winter 2005

  • Home: Where we live, how we live, what it means to us
  • Dramatic stories from Gulf Coast alumnae
  • Ada Comstock Scholars celebrate a milestone