Class Programs and Headquarters

Watch for news from your class Reunion team about the exciting programming they have planned. Reconnect with classmates you haven’t seen in five, 10, 20 years—or make a new connection with a classmate you never knew during your time on campus. You’ll leave with an expanded circle of friends and a richer connection to Smith!

Visit your class website for more information about class programming, or contact your Reunion Chair.

Reunion I/Commencement
May 18 to 21

Class Reunion Chair(s) Headquarters Houses*
1967 Paula “Polly” Barker Duffy
Ellen Kipnis Kanner
Ziskind living room Cutter, Ziskind, Northrop, Gillett, Chase, Sessions, Sessions Annex.
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Jaye Barbaresi Hensel King living room Quad Houses: King, Wilson, Morrow, Jordan
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Susan Fine
Amy Graves
Colleen Wilson
Scales living room Quad Houses: Scales, Jordan, Gardiner
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Ann-Berit “Berit” Oskey Coleman
Sherry Rauseo Fiore
Lamont living room Upper and Lower Elm Street Houses: Talbot, Lamont, Capen, Duckett, Albright, Baldwin, Chase, Scales.
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Martha “Molly” McCadden
Katherine “Kate” Rood
Lawrence living room Green St. Houses and Lower Elm: Lawrence, Tyler, Morris, Hubbard, Washburn.

Reunion II
May 25 to 28

Class Reunion Chair Headquarters Houses*
1937 Joy Williamson, Office of Alumnae Relations Lamont foyer Lamont
1942 Joy Williamson, Office of Alumnae Relations Lamont foyer Lamont
Joy Williamson, Office of Alumnae Relations
Lamont Head resident suite Lamont
1952 Patricia “Pat” Wooldridge Toole Lamont living room Lamont
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Sophie “Fifi” Walcott MacMahon
Clover Morrissett Weller
Northrop living room Northrop
1962 Sandra “Alix” Lamont-Golden Chase living room Chase, Duckett
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Nancy LeaMond
Gail Shearer
King living room King, Scales
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Katherine Birckmayer
Mary Wallace Strizek
Jordan living room Jordan, Gardiner
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Isabel Gutierrez
Rebecca “Becca” Lafleur Ferrebee
Ziskind living room Cutter, Ziskind, Capen
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Sarah “Clif” Clifthorne
Monica “Mon” Van Buskirk
Baldwin living room Baldwin, Albright
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Nicole “Nicky” Miles Lawrence living room Lawrence, Tyler, Morris, Hubbard, Washburn
American Studies Diploma Alumni Enrica Maggiani Am.S.Dipl ’91
Silvia Beier Am.S.Dipl ’91
 Haven living room Haven

*Seniors and many undergraduates are still in residence in most houses through Reunion I weekend, and the number of rooms available will dictate how many houses are assigned for each class, as well as their proximity to each other.