Class Programs and Headquarters

Watch for news from your class Reunion team about the exciting programming they have planned. Reconnect with classmates you haven’t seen in five, 10, 20 years—or make a new connection with a classmate you never knew during your time on campus. You’ll leave with an expanded circle of friends and a richer connection to Smith!

Visit your class website for more information about class programming, or contact your Reunion Chair.

Reunion I/Commencement*

May 14 to 17, 2020

Class Class President(s) and Reunion Chair(s)
Class of 1970
50th Milestone Reunion
Gerry Smolka, Chris Stevens
Reunion Chairs
Janan Friedlander Frey, Wendy McGann John
Class of 1980
40th Reunion
Theme: Paradise Rediscovered
Jackie Jones
Reunion Chair
Gwen Hanlon Howard
Class of 1990
30th Reunion
Megan Mulvhill Elkins
Reunion Chairs
Karen Smith, Jocel Boney Thornhill
Class of 2000
20th Reunion
Ja’Milla Lomas
Class of 2010
10th Reunion
Claire Stein-Ross
Reunion Chairs
Emily Hagens Beck, Elizabeth Hartmann-Dow

*Seniors and many undergraduates are still in residence in most houses through Reunion I weekend, and the number of rooms available will dictate how many houses are assigned for each class, as well as their proximity to each other.

Reunion II

May 21 to 24, 2020

Class Class President(s) and Reunion Chair(s)
Class of 1940
80th Reunion
Joy Williamson
Office of Alumnae Relations & Development
Class of 1945
75th Reunion
Joy Williamson
Office of Alumnae Relations & Development
Class of 1950
70th Reunion
Jeanne Dewey Hart, Elizabeth Sayford Jacobsen 
Class of 1955
65th Reunion
Sara Greeley Bailey
Reunion Chairs
Anne Elmendorf Impellizzeri, Sally Gooch Paynter
Class of 1960
60th Milestone Reunion
Julia Brown Gordon
Reunion Chairs
Marna Hayden, Diana Young Humphrey
Class of 1965
55th Reunion
Theme: Mosaics
Barbara Taylor
Reunion Chairs
>Mary Pennell Nelson, Pamela Pelton Plumb
Class of 1975
45th Reunion
Theme: A Century of Women on Top
Still Spinning @ 45
Mary Harvey
Reunion Chairs
Elizabeth Cooper-Martin, Barbara Quilty
Class of 1985
35th Milestone Reunion
Reunion Chair
Jacqueline Kravetz
Class of 1995
25th Milestone Reunion
Julie Smith
Reunion Chairs
Giuseppa Carbone, Jessica Klaitman
Class of 2005
15th Reunion
Amanda Houpt
Reunion Chairs
Emily Alvelo, LaLauren Hare
Class of 2015
5th Reunion
Milanes Morejon
>Reunion Chair
Yee Won Nyon 
Ada Comstock Class President
Jennifer Williams
Reunion Chair
Rachael Courington