Class Programs and Headquarters

Watch for news from your class Reunion team about the exciting programming they have planned. Reconnect with classmates you haven’t seen in five, 10, 20 years—or make a new connection with a classmate you never knew during your time on campus. You’ll leave with an expanded circle of friends and a richer connection to Smith!

Visit your class website for more information about class programming, or contact your Reunion Chair.

Reunion I/Commencement*
May 16 to 19, 2019

Class Theme & Reunion Chair(s) Headquarters Houses
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Our Odysseys
Elissa “Lisa” Getto
Elizabeth “Beth” Swoope Sweetow
Ziskind Living Room Upper and Lower Elm Street Houses: Cutter, Ziskind, Northrop, Gillett, Chase, Sessions, Wesley, Park Annex, Sessions Annex
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Catherine “Cathy” Day Bertocci
Gay Wilmerding
King Living Room Quad Houses: King, Morrow, Jordan, Wilson
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Reunicorns 19 89
Wendy Lutter
Stephanie Schacht
Scales Living Room Quad Houses: Scales, Jordan, Wilson, Gardiner, Emerson
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Laura Barrett Desmond
Gina Ko
Hillary Shaw
Leah Walker
Lamont Living Room Center Campus Houses: Lamont, Baldwin, Albright, Capen, Chase, Duckett, Talbot
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Illuminating the World
Anne Schmelzer
Instagram: SmithCollege_2009
Lawrence Living Room Green Street Houses: Lawrence, Cushing, Hubbard, Morris, Tyler

*Seniors and many undergraduates are still in residence in most houses through Reunion I weekend, and the number of rooms available will dictate how many houses are assigned for each class, as well as their proximity to each other.

Reunion II
May 23 to 26, 2019

Class Theme & Reunion Chair(s) Headquarters Houses
1939, 1944 Joy Williamson,
Office of Alumnae Relations
Lamont Lamont
1949 90 is the new 70
Lois Schwoerer
Lamont Lamont
1954 Trips
Nancy Painter Criscitiello
Anne Backus Wanzer
Lamont Living Room Lamont, Gillett
1959 Forever Green
Anita Anderson Lustenberger
Elizabeth “Betsy” Woodbury Rowe
Northrop Living Room Northrop, Gillett
1964 Journeys 1964 What’s Next?
Susan “Susie” Goodale Stringer
Elise “Lee” Hurd Switz
Chase Living Room Chase, Duckett
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Remembering and Reconnecting
Elizabeth “Lizanne” Payne
Martha Redeker
King Living Room King, Scales
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EIGHTY-FOURward: Smith College Class of 1984 Pays It Forward
Colleen Burke
Gayle Gerling Pettinga
Jordan Living Room Jordan, Gardiner
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Wonder Women
Jennifer Pollock McNally
Ziskind Living Room Ziskind, Cutter, Capen
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Bringing Back the Beats
Meagan “Meag” Ward Jenkins
Baldwin Living Room Baldwin, Albright, Talbot
2014 Reunited, Radiant, and Redefined
Taylore Shaw
Lawrence Living Room Lawrence, Morris, Tyler, Hubbard