Alumnae Parade

Don’t forget your whites! Join this moving, time-honored Reunion tradition that reminds alumnae and graduating seniors of the continuing global, generational movement that is Smith College.

The Alumnae Parade “evolved gradually from the custom of alumnae classes to sally forth upon the campus while the ivy procession was being made up, and extend greetings to the senior class and to each other, and to do honor to the college, its president, members of the faculty and members of the various classes.” The first official parade was held in 1909. Although alumnae now dress uniformly in white, earlier classes had varied, colorful and sometimes quite elaborate costumes. Colored ribbons now differentiate the reunion classes. The class of 1905 was the first to carry “placards,” and by 1915 these signs were a regular feature, “hailed with appreciative applause and laughter all along the march.”

Ivy Day Ceremony and Illumination Night

Ivy Day and Illumination Night are traditional parts of Reunion I/Commencement Weekend. On the day before commencement, alumnae escort the seniors in a parade around campus. Then the seniors plant ivy to symbolize the connection between the college and its graduates. On Illumination Night, the campus is lit only by colored paper lanterns. The college basks in a soft glow, perfect for reminiscing on four years of Smith education and escapades.

Reunion 2019 Commencement Weekend and Ivy Day photo gallery
Reunion 2019 Weekend II photo gallery


Smith is a place where big ideas take flight. During Reunion, you’ll expand your intellectual horizons through lectures and presentations by Smith faculty, administrators, and students.

Student Panel and Presentations

Current students will share how their studies at Smith have shaped their off-campus endeavors and how those experiences have enriched their liberal arts education at Smith.

Faculty Presentations

Experience Smith’s rich intellectual life by attending lectures by Smith faculty. Presentation schedule and descriptions will be available in the Fall. Free and open to all.