Smith women are a powerful force in business.

They lead some of the most influential companies in the world, start businesses that shake up the status quo, advise governments around the globe and change industries by advocating for fairness and equality. The Smith College Business Network provides tangible support among a group of the world’s most accomplished female leaders.

The world needs more women leaders.

Smith women in business are making an impressive impact, yet the landscape still looks decisively male. Less than 4.6 percent of CEOs of S&P Fortune 500 companies are women. Women comprise less than 12 percent of corporate boards in the U.S. Women of color fare worse, making up only 11.9 percent of managerial and professional positions.

With The Smith College Business Network, we aim to shift the tide, ensuring that more women—Smith women—have a voice at the decision-making table and make their way to the top of industries and corporations.