HOUSE REPS–2015-2020

Greetings Classmates,

Reunion Two 2015

As co-chairs of House Reps, we are in the process of recruiting classmates from the 33 houses that were on campus during our day.   The job is quite simple: contact housemates through email, telephone or written notes to promote interest in reunion and just to be in touch.  The job is especially important during the fall of our reunion year.  We will send the house reps a current (per the Alumnae Association) list of names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses to help you with these communications.

In Chapin, we gathered news throughout the years between reunions to encourage communication and renew/continue friendships.  This worked well, in addition to being fun. We also encouraged classmates to come to reunion in 2015.

The collJane Canning Ellisege handbook for class officers lists the following responsibilities for house reps.

  • Get in touch with senior housemates through email, phone and mail to build enthusiasm for Reunion (the college will provide classmates’ contact information)
  • Encourage your housemates to attend Reunion and get involved
  • Share the benefits and fun of coming back to campus and make plans to connect
  • Suggest to your housemates that they update their contact information with Smith

We have not yet confirmed house reps for Emerson and Washburn. Would you be willing to serve as house rep for either house? We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to join us. If you’re willing, please contact Jane or Katie at the addresses below. Or if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

Katie Cowen Weldon, 508-563-9003,

Jane Canning Ellis, 650-343-3938,

House Reps –2015-2020
House Rep
Albright Betty Starcher Griffith
Baldwin Judy Slocum O’Donnell
Capen Ann Atwood Biggs
Chapin Sheila Montgomery Cleworth
Clark Jane Waterbury Thompson
Comstock Ann Jonas Malpass
Cushing Joyce Loewenthal West
Dawes Mary Lent Flucke
Dewey Susan McWhinney Morse
Franklin King Enid Minton Michelman
Gardiner Cecily Cochrane Perez
Gillette Libby Jones Thorne
Haven/Wesley Kristin Miller Wood
Henshaw Judy Ettlinger Cohn
Hopkins Ella Carpenter Slade
Hubbard Cay Anderson Barres
Jordan Mimi Thunsfor Bremser
Laura Scales Cynthia Enos Stapleton
Lawrence Wini Hitz Lumsden
Martha Wilson Louise Toole Healey
Morris Judy Stark Hollenberg
Morrow Elaine Lazurus Lieb
Northrup Jackie Rosenfeld Werner
Park Ruby Wilk Auburg
Parsons Nancy Biddle Bates
Sessions Merna Handleman Most
Talbot Jane Fox Crandall
Tenney Enid Johns Oresman
Tyler Anne Eiseman Walker
Wallace Laurie Nath Reinstein
Wilder Barbara Cartwright Erlandson


Summer, 2018