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ALUMNAE LIVES – Class of 1956

Marion Penney Randall writes that reunion fell between two “wonderful family events.” Her oldest granddaughter who lives in London, planned her wedding at Marion’s home where she frolicked as a little girl. And then they were hosts in Denver to an engagement party for another granddaughter, her namesake and the daughter of Elizabeth Penney Randall ’79. Marion has attended most reunions and was especially sorry to miss our 60th.

Another absentee from reunion was Anastasia (Brownie, also Stacie) Ludlow Wrightson. It was just one trip too many after a big birthday trip in March, another trip to “Old Miss,” and yet another family trip planned for the summer. She is getting along very well and is living in a wonderful historical house that her son bought in Oxford on Maryland’s eastern shore. Her “rent” is working in the gardens trying to get them back to looking fabulous after years of neglect. “A horticulture course at Smith would really be a help.” Almost a year ago, Brownie took her grandson on a 4-day white water rafting trip down the Green River, and then took to the rails in a sleeper car to San Francisco where she had a delightful lunch and afternoon with Katie Hussey Cardinal.

Ann Lindenberg Christensen has been leading snowshoe tracking workshops for the Environmental Resource Center in Ketchum, Idaho for several years. After explaining a few basics about snowshoe tracking and alerting participants to the local winter animals and their winter adaptations, she leads her group on a trek through fields and woods to find secret stories of the local wildlife left in the snow. Ann studied with famous tracker and author, James Halfpenny.

The celebration of her 80th birthday in January has not slowed Flora Schnall down a bit. She is extremely busy with charitable activities: the Board of Trustees of CUMY Law School, the Board of Trustees of the American Friends of the Staasoper in Berlin, the Funding Arts Network in Florida, The Board of Advisors to The Center of Hope (Haiti), etc. etc. She continues to love bridge and golf and commutes between Miami and NYC so that she can take advantage of her membership in the Opera Club of the Metropolitan Opera to get her fill of the season’s opera performances.

Jaclyn (Jackie) Morchower Herzlinger writes of traveling to Denver to be with the family of Carolyn Papa Chivian after her death in October 2015. Jackie and Carolyn were extremely close. They were in each other’s weddings in 1956 and the couples traveled together “at least 15 times” in a motor home visiting National Parks from coast to coast.
Carolyn was also present at the dedication of the Barbara Zevon Berlin classroom for the teaching of art history which was donated to The Pingry School in Basking Ridge, NJ, by a former student in honor of Barbara’s founding of and superior teaching career in the art history department.

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