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Thoughts on the pandemic:

From Ann Weldon Perce, April 2020

Coffee and newspapers . . . books . . .jigsaw puzzle . . .walks . . .birds at the feeder . . . piano . . .tea time . . .fire in the fireplace . . . family and friends . . .Sheltered. 

Sweet memories!

In her review of the new cookbook, Icebox Cakes, in the “New York Times” in June 2015, Florence Gertner Fabricant mentions zebra pudding from Smith:  “layering chocolate wafers with whipped cream, chilling it and cutting it on an angle so that stripes of chocolate show in each slice.”   Yum!

From Ann Weldon Perce (

Have joined Impact 100, a worthwhile, inspiring organization that has groups in numerous cities. Its mission is to award membership-funded transformational grants to local non-profit organizations while empowering women to improve lives through philanthropy.  Check their website, Impact 100, or contact me for more information.


Left to right: Susan Smith Pratt, Helen Lyman Robinson, and Mary Collins Moore

From Susan Smith Pratt (, April 2013:

Three classmates from Gillett House were able to reconnect in California this winter. Helen and I had only seen each other once (at our 25th) since graduation; Mary and I see each other quite often in Florida.

From Ann Stebbins Sidles, July 2012:

While on a recent trip to Carmel, CA, I was able to attend an art festival where Cornelia (Posh) Thompson Emery was doing a painting demonstration, producing a landscape and a portrait of a dog in two hours time. Click here for photos. You can see more of her work at

From Elizabeth Aaronsohn (, May 2012:

A few months ago I finally decided to retire, after 52 years of teaching, and although I never thought I’d feel this way, I’m thrilled! I now can follow my own rhythms, and choose what I will do. I smile every time I get an e-mail about another obligation at the university, because I don’t have to pay attention to it any more. Instead, I volunteer a lot more at the local organic farm, and I’m even more active in the politics of education “reform” and other social justice issues. I even had the luxury of getting arrested, a first for me since the 1980s, this time as part of a lively Occupy/Health Care demonstration and sit-in outside of a Cigna shareholders meeting. Mostly, I have time to read something other than student papers, and to watch the spring arrive, and listen to the birds. My biggest wish now is that I could see my grandson, almost 3, more often, but Colorado is really far from Connecticut. Beam me up, Scotty!

BartlitFrom Nancy Reynolds Bartlit (, May 2012:

Los Alamos honored Nancy and her husband John Bartlit as Los Alamos Living Treasures. The Living Treasures program was started in Santa Fe, NM years ago. The Bartlits both were honored for their contributions to the community over the years.

From Mary Adams Loomba (, January 2012:

Just returned from an amazing trip to Mumbai, India where we attended the Indian part of our grandson’s wedding. (There was also an “American” wedding last August here in Connecticut. Andrew and Karina met at Amherst College singing in the Choral Society.) In eight days there must have been 10 different events, including welcome dinners etc. I have never been so dressed up so often.  Click here for photo and more description.

345%20copyFrom Ann Weldon Perce (, September 2011:

Kenna Daly, ’72, and I are enjoying the Greek ruins at Agrigento, Sicily. Thank you, Art 11 and Mrs. Lehmann! (Note our great 50th Reunion tote bag.)

From Kathleen Hennessy Stoll (, August 2011:

I would like to congratulate the Class of ‘58 on the establishment of a website of our own! It is a place where we can tell stories and keep in touch, knowing that one story will lead to another, as we share memories of the old, and add news of the new still happening in our lives. Myron and I celebrate our 50th anniversary this month, and I am sure there are others who are celebrating this year. He has become a Smith man, enjoying the local Smith Club, our reunions, and of course our Smith daughters. He is working on the next generation–we have four potential candidates! Best to all, and look forward to more contact through the website.

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