Support Smith

A Note from Our Fund-Raising Team

As the Smith Fund Coordinator for our class, I begin to feel like a broken record with only two messages: “Thank you!” and “Give.” It may seem that those messages should be in the other order, but in fact my first response, when I get the results of our annual class giving, is a deeply felt gratitude to all of you. Last year, more than half of our class gave to the College. There were some spectacular gifts, but there were also gifts from more than 200 of us that added up to half a million dollars. We contributed to the success of the “Women for the World” campaign’s record-breaking $486 million. On a smaller scale, we also contributed to the scholarship support of many current Smith students, and specifically our Smith Fund Class of 1960 Memorial Fund scholar. I cannot thank you warmly enough. Please keep giving! When someone calls—a classmate or a current student, when a written reminder arrives, or when the sun shines and you pause to count your blessings, please pay it forward and send Smith a gift so that the great work of the College can continue.

           Thank you again! Betsy Cussler, October 2017

How to give:

  • Mail a check to: The Smith Fund, 33 Elm Street, Northampton, MA 01063
  • Call 1-800-241-2056, Option #1 3.
  • Go on-line at 

As Nike says. “Just do it!”

From Our Memorial Gifts Chair

A memorial contribution to The Smith Fund is a meaningful way to remember and honor classmates, family members and faculty. The continuing generosity of our classmates is a testimony to the value and significance of our Smith experience. Lamont House classmates who had lost several friends established The Smith Fund Class of 1960 Memorial Scholarship Fund shortly after our 50th Reunion. Since then the fund has broadened to include gifts from anyone. Please consider designating the 1960 Memorial Scholarship Fund when you are making your donation to the Smith Fund. This is a significant way to help an undergraduate student who would otherwise not be able to attend Smith. All these gifts count as Smith Fund donations and are included in our class totals. Remember your donation does not have to be in memory of only classmates: family members, friends and faculty can also be memorialized. You may also contribute to the fund without a memorial.

             Hannah Druker Heyle, October 2017

Future Planning

 Check out the gift planning office’s new website at www. where you can find a wealth of information about including Smith in your financial planning, such as

  •  Check current annuity rates (at least 6.4% for those 78 and older!)
  • Use a gift calculator for several different gift options
  • View the college’s suggested bequest language
  • Download Smith’s new Estate Plan Intentions form
  • Join The Grécourt Society – 3 classmates and spouses have joined since our 55th reunion in May 2015, bringing our class membership to 72 alums and 9 spouses. Won’t you consider joining these classmates by including Smith in your financial planning? Just think – perhaps we might get to 100 members in the Class of ‘60 by our next reunion! 

Thanks, Linda Fisher Smith, Planned Giving Chair