Dear Classmates ’61

It was wonderful to see so many of you at virtual reunion, to receive so many (70%) responses to the questionnaire and to hear that many of you would like to see the questionnaire in its entirety.

Therefore, with the help of the Smith IT department, we are posting the full questionnaire with all your responses and comments (we did our best to only edit out names to maintain anonymity) on the website for you to read. This is a very long questionnaire as you know. Some of you may enjoy reading it from cover to cover—others might like to browse and focus on some questions only. Your call!

We will leave it up for about three months. Be sure to click this link to view the questionnaire. Hold on to this email so if you want to read it slowly you can find the link and easily access the questionnaire again.

Many thanks to Irene Starr for helping to brainstorm on the best way to get this to you. Hope your summer is going well and that you are well and stay well.

Thank you again for your interest and participation. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts, ideas, etc.  Feel free to email me at the address below.


Deborah Heller