We have had three very successful “Reconnects” bringing local classmates together to hear about Smith today, to ask questions, exchange ideas and promote reunion attendance.

MAINE RECONNECT Margi Nareff hosted the first Reconnect at a luncheon in Yarmouth, Maine in September 2016 with 10 of our 17 Mainers attending. Although some of our classmates have lived in Maine for more than 30 years, it was the first get-together for many of them. In hours of chatting (avoiding that phrase “you haven’t changed a bit”), sharing yearbook photos and enjoying a brief Smith trivia quiz, the Mainers forged stronger ties. Margi has kept in touch with the group and hopes for a 2018 Reconnect as we head to reunion.

From Left to Right:

Judith Koltz Treanor  (Emerson), Betsy Lamson Humphreys (Emerson), Harriet Cooke McGuire  (Martha Wilson), Dabney Waters Schmitt  (Park), Elsa Little  (Hubbard) , Peggy Woodbridge Dennis (Martha Wilson), Mary Douglas  (Emerson), Ingrid Yollick Alpern  (Gillette)


NYC AREA RECONNECT On June 26,2017 a New York City reconnect organized by Linda Sosnowitz was held at the home of Linda Sicher. With 23 classmates in attendance, it was a wonderful evening. They called the event “69’s 70th” and plan a follow-up event in 2018 entitled “69’s Second Annual 70th Birthday.”  Click here for photos from this reunion


Eleven San Francisco Bay Area Smith alumnae gathered on Saturday, September 16, 2017 to reconnect with classmates and hear about current happenings on campus.

Beth Sweetow hosted the event, which included a delicious luncheon and a surprise dessert – cupcakes celebrating all of our 70th birthdays, either past or future. Beth used a “Smith Quiz” and we were fortunate to have Debbie Duncan, President of the Board of Trustees, as our special guest to update us on Smith and answer such quiz questions as:

 What is the current faculty-student ratio? 1 to 9

 What is the fee for tuition, room, and board for one year? $66,490

 How much money to cover costs per student is drawn from the endowment and annual gifts? $14,000

 What is the Smith Praxis Program? Paid internship offered to every student

Bev Johnson Farrell added, “Most interesting to me was the discussion of construction of the New Neilson Library, (that’s what they’re calling it!). I was assured that the plans incorporate the 1909 structure, so familiar to all of us. Although the project will not be finished until after our 50th reunion, I’m looking forward to seeing the progress on it when I attend.

Beth gave us an idea of some of the activities already planned for the reunion and asked for some feedback and suggestions. Her description of reunion events sparked memories of the 45th , my last reunion. Even though May 2019 seems far away, I’m already anticipating our 50th with pleasure. We hope to have an East Bay reconnect in 2019.”

Boston Reconnect

A   group of alumnae  gathered at Judie Feins’ house in Belmont on September 18th  for the Boston reconnect for our class. We had good conversations with many other classmates who had conflicts so they couldn’t come but they seemed happy to have been connected.

We talked a lot about books we had read. And Judie asked each of us to say where we lived at Smith, what was our major, how we liked our college years and a review of things we have done since college. Very interesting and varied stories and pathways. I also handed out the current list of “lost” classmates.


Back row: Gloria Gehshan Lilias, Judith Vanderkay, Jane Slocum Deland, Cynnie Greenleaf, Judie Feins, Susan Hall Mygatt,

Front row: Susan Levine Fritz, Pam Chamberlain. 

Washington DC Reconnects

Mary Douglas, Judy Koltz Treanor, and Betsy Lamson Humphreys hosted a Washington DC area Reconnect on September 12, 2018.  Eight Class of 1969 alumnae attended the early evening reception held in a public room at the Arlington, Virginia condominium where Betsy now resides.   Everyone enjoyed hearing about the lives, activities, and interests of their classmates.  Not so subtle pressure was applied to those on the fence about attending the 50th in May 2019, with mixed success.

In the Reconnecting spirit, Betsy located a “lost” Class of 1969 Emerson housemate, Jennifer Perkins, by contacting her grandfather’s biographer.  Jennifer lives in Beijing, but makes periodic visits to New York City.  She came down Washington DC from New York last fall, providing Judy, Mary, Chris (Williams) Michelmore (Pittsburgh), and Ellen Howe (Hartford) the opportunity to reconnect with her for dinner at the Bombay Club on November 7, 2019.  Unfortunately, no pictures were taken at that event.  Debby Slavitt has also reconnected with Jennifer in New York.

Beth Sweetow.


When your Class Book arrives see if you can find this photo!
Your 50th Reunion Class Book is on its way! Look for it in your mailbox in March.
The class of ’69 will be exhibiting the works of 14 classmates at the Oresman Gallery of the Smith College Art Museum during our Reunion Weekend.
In addition there will be a featured exhibition at the Art Museum of many of the works of our classmate, Taj Diffenbaugh Worley, that were donated in 2012 to the Smith Museum. Taj was a gifted artist who died in 1987.