“Who are we now?”
 — Class Survey

Class of 1969 50th Reunion Survey Results

To mark 50 years since graduation, Judie Feins and Kristi Andersen developed a survey to find out about the Class of 1969 as a whole. We wanted to include as many of our classmates as possible. That way, we could at least partially answer the question, “who are we now?”

The 58-question survey used the Survey Monkey platform, which allowed us to send a survey link all classmates with email addresses and to get back completely anonymous responses to be analyzed. In addition, we sent paper surveys to classmates without email addresses, asking that they send them back without return addresses, so that their responses would also be anonymous.

Our universe of possible respondents was 503 women in the Class of 1969, and we received 350 responses, for a very impressive response rate of 69%. The high response rate means the results offer a reasonably reliable portrait of our whole class at ages 71-72. Our deepest thanks to all who participated!Many of you who answered the survey didn’t attend reunion, so we are posting the results where everyone can see them.

There are two versions of the survey posted here.

Click here to see the PowerPoint slides that we presented at Reunion, along with some of the notes that guided our discussion. This version gives a pretty thorough overview of the main findings.

Click here if you want additional details.  You will see all the questions, aggregated responses, and the full set of open-ended answers.

If you have questions about the survey results, feel free to contact Judie  or Kristi.