Restaurants in/near Northampton

Amanouz Cafe (Northampton) (self-serve lunches)

Bistro les gras (across Green St from the campus) (dinner only, reservations essential)

Blue Heron (Sunderland) (best dinner house in area, reservations essential)

Bombay Royale (Northampton)

Coco (Easthampton) (nice for dinner, reservations essential)

Convino Wine Bar (Thornes Marketplace, basement level, Northampton) (run by a Smithie)

Esselon Cafe (Hadley) (outdoor seating for breakfast and brunch)

Fitzwilly’s (Northampton (casual bar and bar food)

Galaxy (Easthampton) (50s style diner with good food)
Homestead (Northampton)

Jake’s (Northampton) (good breakfasts)

Patisserie Lenox (Northampton) (croissants, pastries, lunch)

Paul and Elizabeth (Thorne’s Market, Northampton) (fish and vegetarian dishes)

Tart Baking (Northampton)