Nominating Committee Report 2020

Class of 1975 Nominating Committee Report

 The Nominating Committee was been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who volunteered to be class officers for the next 5 years.  Some positions have been hard to fill, indeed there are a couple of positions still available, and a few other class officer positions had more volunteers than we need.  We have prepared the slate of Officers for the 2020-2025 term that balances two necessary elements: the retention of key expertise and the infusion of energizing talent from a pool of qualified, enthusiastic candidates who have not yet served in a Class Officer capacity.  Class Officer elections will occur in June through an online process that the College is still developing.  

Proposed Class Officer Slate for 2020-2025 

President: Kate Barnes Grant 

Reunion Co-Chairs: Lisa Burton Erickson and Ellen Watts 

Treasurer: Andy Hoadley Nix

Co-Secretaries:  Katie Stephenson and Leigh Stevenson Cobb

Web Co-Chairs/Digital Media Coordinators: Andi Acker Strone and Frieda Malcolm

Fund Team Coordinator: Jody Angevin

Special Gifts Chair:  Ann Sanford

Co-Class Fund Agents:  Lynn Steppacher Martin and Mary Harvey

Memorial Co-Chairs: Pat Connor and Marjorie Bloom

We thank Mary Harvey for her outstanding job as Class President these past five years and as Class Treasurer in years past, as well as a House Rep.  We also thank Pat Byram for her outstanding work as the Class Treasurer over three terms and her work with the Fund Team.  We hope that Mary and Pat and all the other departing officers will continue to remain involved with the Class where there is a need.  Many positions needed for a successful reunion are not “class officer” positions, but rely on people stepping forward later, such as House Rep Chair, reps for individual houses, joining the fundraising team, etc.  We are excited about the new slate of class officers and wish them all a successful term.

The Class of 1975 Nominating Committee:
Andrea Wolfman (Chair)
Trish DeMallie
Kathryn Dunn
Ellen McLean
May 21, 2020