Your 2019-2024
Class Officers

Hilary Forbes – President

Christine Gahagan – 35th Reunion Co-Chair

Kristie Schmidt – 35th Reunion Co-Chair

Geri Mariano – Secretary

Dawn Epp – Treasurer

Dana Maze Ehrlich – Interim Web Chair

Trudy Adams – Fund Team Co-Coordinator

Dana Maze Ehrlich – Fund Team Co-Coordinator

Catherine King – Planned Giving Chair

Feel free to email us with your questions, comments or ideas.


Thank you to dedicated classmates who served from July 2014 – June 2019/our 30th Reunion!

  • Maggie Rauh, President
  • Wendy Lutter & Stephanie Schacht, Reunion Co-Chairs
  • Hillary Forbes, Treasurer
  • Geri Mariano, Secretary
  • Anne Fleming, Web Chair
  • Dana Maze Ehrlich, Fund Team Coordinator
  • Catherine King, Planned Giving Chair