Membership FAQ

For general membership information, click here.

1. Why collect membership dues?

Membership dues will help defray costs of event planning, administrative expenses, and grow the Smith College Alumnae Chorus (SCAC) Fund. The balance of dues received by the SCAC that are in excess of general operating expenses will be added to the SCAC Fund.

2. Is SCAC membership open to Smith alums only?

Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the mission of the SCAC. Members are not required to have participated in Smith music programs or to have attended Smith.

3. I did not attend Smith. Which membership category applies to me?

Select and pay the membership fee based on your college graduation year (regardless of whether or not you attended Smith). If you did not attend college, please choose the membership category that corresponds to your age.

4. I did not attend Smith and I’d like to travel on the 2019 tour to as a non-singer; do I need to pay SCAC membership dues?

Yes. SCAC membership is required to register (as a singer or non-singer) for the 2019 international tour (destination TBD). We appreciate your interest in and support of the SCAC and its mission.

5. Do I have to be a dues-paying member to participate in SCAC-sponsored events?

Most SCAC events, e.g., receptions at Smith College reunion and community outreach activities, are open to anyone interested in supporting the SCAC and do not require dues-paid-membership status. Membership is required for major SCAC events requiring advance registration (typically major domestic and international events and tours).

6. For how long are membership dues valid?

Membership dues are collected in anticipation of an international tour. Since registration for the 2016 tour is closed, dues paid now will be valid through the registration period for the 2019 tour (January 1, 2019-January 1, 2021).

7. Paying membership dues present a significant financial hardship for me; can you provide any assistance?

Please do get in touch with us at We review requests on a case-by-case basis and will do our best to accommodate you. All communication exchanges are confidential.