About the Club

We have a long and storied history . . .

Well, not really.  However, the PASCC (Princeton Area Smith College Club) has been around since the 1940s, with active participation from area alumnae ever since!

Scholarship Funds

This past year, thanks to a profit of $738 on our pecan sales and $762 in scholarship donations, we were able to send $1,500 to the College as our contribution toward a local scholarship.

We’re considering alternative ways to raise scholarship funds for Smith this year, since pecan sales will only generate a portion of the amount we’d like to contribute.  Ideas we have explored so far include a garden tour, a progressive dinner, or perhaps a cooking demonstration conducted by a professional chef.  Any thoughts or suggestions on fundraisers you’d like to see in support of the Smith Scholarship Fund are welcome and appreciated!

Pecan Orders

Contact Carol Morrison (carol.morrison76@gmail.com) for information about pecan sales this fall.  Orders are normally picked up at Carol’s home, 6 Riverside Drive, Princeton.  The driveway is on Nassau Street, at the intersection with Riverside Drive (just beyond the Jewish Center if coming from Princeton University).

Looking for more news!

If you have stories about the Club or past events, we’d love to hear them!  We can post pictures, too, so if you’ve got any, please let us know!  This one was taken during a recent book club gathering… always a great time!