Club Officers

These are the 2012-2013 SCCSD board members now serving you:

  • President :                                                Vivian Sayward
  • Vice President:                                         Meredith King
  • Treasurer:                                                 Monique Agia
  • Communications Director:                   Laurie Davidson
  • Alumnae Admission Coordinator:      Nancy Neigus
  • Alumnae Admission Coordinator:      Leah Straley
  • Young Alumnae Chair:                          Emma Hoyau

Members at large

Some members, while not holding official positions on the board, want to be part of the organization and help plan club activities.  Every member is invited to participate in our board meetings, volunteer to assist other board members with their responsibilities, host events, or simply offer new ideas to the board.  We especially encourage you to volunteer at the many high school recruiting activities held throughout the year. Come talk up Smith to interested students and help boost applications from our area…this is the main purpose of the club after all and makes us look good!

For more information, please email us at