SCCW Board

Join the SCCW Board of Directors!

Interested in volunteering with the SCCW? Do you want to become more involved with Washington Smithies and have ideas for the club? If you are interested in one of the following positions, please email Cate Malycke ’04 at for more information.

Nominating Committee, Chair and Members – assist the SCCW Board of Directors identify candidates for Director positions and vacancies, as well as Chair or Co-Chair of any Standing Committees. No experience is necessary.

Officers and Committee Chairs 2021-2022

President: Cate Malycke ‘04

Recording Secretary: Kaitlyn Coyne ‘19
Corresponding Secretary: Kristy Keteltas ‘88

Treasurer (Operating): Suzanne Mucchetti ‘91
Treasurer SCCW Scholarship Fund: Caroline Carbaugh ’66

Nominating Chair/Committee: Open

Inclusion Committee Chair: Lauren Low
Vice President Admissions: Laura Clary ’97 (email)
College Fair Chair: Jo Deutsch ’82
Recruitment Chair: Kaitlyn Coyne ‘19
Book Award Chair: Suzanne Kim Doud Galli ’87
Rose Drop Chair: Rita Desai ‘13

Vice President Communications: Lisa Berrios ’02 AC (email)
Newsletter Editor: Binaifer Davar ’82
Website Chair: Jaclyn Walkins ’13
Social Media Chair: Sibyl Brown ’14

Vice President Community Education: Open
Read Aloud Chair: Open

Vice President Fundraising: Sibyl Brown ’14
Pecan Sales Chair: Caroline Carbaugh ’66

Vice President Mentoring: Brianna Dieter ’05 and Cherilyn McGlynn ’16 (email)

Vice President Programs: Sibyl Brown ’14 and Jacky Arrowsmith ‘89 (email)
Young Alums Chair: Wendy Ramirez ’16 (email)
Current Student Liaison: Sophia Casten ’22
Seven Siblings Networking Liaison: Kathleen Brueger
Ivy Social Club Liaison: Open
Ada Student Liaison(s) – Lisa Berrios ’02 AC and Michelle Arsenault ’01 AC
Boomers to Busters Liaison: Terri Salus ’78

SCCW Office email

Advisors: Jody Hassett Sanchez ’84, Mary Douglas ’69, and Cathy Scheineson