In 2010, the Smith College Libraries offered alumnae access to JSTOR, a digital archive of academic journals and books. The response was so enthusiastic that the Libraries are now offering even more database resources. Pamela Skinner, head of collection development, says that the success of JSTOR was not a surprise, “Smith alumnae are life-long learners. One of the most frequent questions that comes into the reference desk from alumnae is, ‘How do I access the library’s databases from off-campus?’”Library

Now the Libraries have expanded resources available to alumnae with Project Muse, Sage Knowledge and Sage Journals. JSTOR offers alumnae access to previously published works, but these databases allow alumnae to access current journals and books in a variety of disciplines:

PROJECT MUSE contains hundreds of current, scholarly full-text journals in the humanities and social sciences from a variety of publishers

SAGE KNOWLEDGE has hundreds of e-books and e-reference sources, largely in the social sciences, with some humanities titles

SAGE JOURNALS provides access to humanities, social sciences and sciences journals from Sage Publications, a leading independent academic and professional publisher.

Alumnae may access Project Muse, Sage Knowledge and Sage Journals by logging into the Alumnae Directory and selecting “Library Benefits.” On this page are a username and a password that alumnae can use to access all online resources.

“Publishers are recognizing the need for alumnae access to scholarly licensed e-resources,” says Skinner,” and the Smith College Libraries are aggressively pursuing new offerings for alumnae.”

Access to JSTOR is underwritten by the Friends of the Smith College Libraries.