View of My Room: Wall of Memories

Maya Lewin-Berlin ’13

When Maya Lewin-Berlin ’13, a physics major from eastern Massachusetts, moved into her first single room in September, she realized that she had a lot of real estate to cover. “I didn’t realize how big my room would be, and I didn’t want to keep buying things,” she said. She found her design solution in a box full of cards and postcards from friends and family that she’d been saving since she was little.

Now those treasured keepsakes bring her room in Cushing to life with childhood memories and important milestones in her life as they wend their way in a single unbroken line from wall to wall around the room. “I found photos from friends in fifth grade, and cards from my bat mitzvah,” she said. “It was really fun going through them.”

Chair in Leiwn-Berlin's room

To unify her space, she chose images that would harmonize with other prominent pieces in the room, namely the large, vibrant painting of a close-up grapefruit that she painted last summer. The deep violets and pinks of the painting inspired her color scheme, including her sheer blue and red curtains.

As for the cards, many of those on the wall were given to her for graduation and her senior-year art show. In one corner hangs a card from her aunt, made of an old photo of Maya’s great-grandmother. Most of the cards, though, are from her mother. “She has the prettiest cards,” Lewin-Berlin said, “and she knows me best.”