Faith Moore ’70: Event Planner

How She Got That Job

by Christina Barber-Just

Faith MooreName

Faith Moore ’70

Smith Major

English, with a minor in art

Current Job

Founder and president, Faith Moore & Associates, a Boston-based event-planning and specialized-tour company

What She Does

Moore produces highly customized special events and tours for corporate and nonprofit clients. Most clients’ budgets are in the $30,000 to $150,000 range, but Moore has charged as little as several hundred dollars to give a Zulu princess a private tour of Boston and as much as several million, which is what a Spanish insurance company spent to send its 600 top-performing agents and their spouses to Beantown recently for a five-day incentive program that included a private performance of Cirque du Soleil.

Career Path

Moore knew she’d found her calling when she gave her first tour in 1979. “I put it together by the seat of my pants—and loved it,” she says. She started guiding historical and architectural tours in Boston and planning events for various arts agencies. She spent five years as the program director of a Boston-area destination management company before founding her own company in 1990. She ran it out of her house at first, but the 1990s proved to be boom years for corporate events, and FM&A took off in no time.

Want Her Job?

“Ancillary skills are a very good side door through which to enter the event world,” Moore says. Graphic designers, caterers, tour guides, and those in the hotel industry all have an edge as aspiring event planners. Interning or volunteering can be valuable as well as joining industry associations, such as Meeting Professionals International and the International Special Events Society. Personality must-haves for a career in event planning include the ability to stay calm in emergencies, to maintain your sense of humor, to keep things in perspective, and perhaps most of all, to pay “fanatic” attention to detail. “Perfectionism is essential,” Moore says. “It goes with the territory.”

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