Lynn Fantom ’75 is co-founder and chairman emeritus at ID Media.

OFFICE MEETINGS CAN BE TEDIOUS, ESPECIALLY if they don’t seem to have a point. If you’re in charge, how do you make sure that the time you’ve allotted with your colleagues is well spent? Fantom, who helped create a work culture at ID Media that was recognized with seven Best Places to Work awards, shares two techniques that have made a difference.

BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND. “You’ve got to have the meeting’s strategic and primary purpose very clear in your mind,” she says. Meandering meetings are often the result of a lack of clarity.

COMMUNICATE GOALS OF THE MEETING AT THE OUTSET. The most important sentence that anybody running a meeting can utter is at the beginning. “We’re here today in order to do X, and by the time we wrap at Y, we want to have Z specific outcomes,” says Fantom. In other words: “We’re here today to brainstorm some big ideas for our sales presentation. By the time we wrap up at 3 p.m., we’ll have gone through all of the ideas and chosen the three that we want to use for the presentation.”

SAQ, Fall 2016