After my wife and I each took maternity leave, my son went to day care and we both went down to 80 percent at work. My company didn’t have formal options for parents returning to work, so I pitched going to 80 percent. Now, I’m home with him every Friday, and it’s become something I look forward to each week!
Sarah Winawer-Wetzel ’05

“Motherhood, career and sanity” is a lot like the “cheaper, faster, better” triad. You really can only get two at any one point in time; choose wisely.
Maria Honeycutt ’95

Hire a cleaning service.
Justine Caton ’92

Automate as much as possible: groceries, bill paying, savings. Trust your instincts, be as present as possible in whatever you are doing and try to quiet that little voice that compares you to others and frequently criticizes you.
Barbara Jacobs Wolf ’79

The best decisions bring peace. Trust your instincts, and refrain from comparisons. And enjoy every moment; it passes far too quickly.
Julie Mulderink Mantooth ’91

Making sure I have something that fills me up is so important! One cannot keep functioning if everything flows outward in only one direction.
Judy Kamara, MSW ’15

Flexible schedule and a lack of sleep seem to be my best solutions.
Elizabeth Schwan-Rosenwald ’02

I did motherhood before career. Grew a business in the process. Now, my first daughter is 9. Might explore corporate America again.
Oluwatoyin Abogan Adewumi ’04

If you are fortunate enough to have money, trade it for time. It’s always a great deal.
Cynthia Samuels ’68

Advocate for paid family leave policies that work for our families. It’s ridiculous that the U.S. is only one of three countries without any kind of federally mandated paid maternity leave.
Alli Wessells ’14

The biggest thing that has helped me is having my daughters with me at work; there is on-site day care beginning at 6 weeks of age, and my older daughter is in nursery school. Being in the same location as them makes a huge difference.
Lizzy Zacharias Owens ’01

Routines help enormously: morning routines, grocery routines, mealtime routines, cleaning routines. Find [solutions] that everyone in the household can live with.
Hali Kilbourne ’98

I desperately wish I had the tools to find a community of working moms. I’m a ’13 grad and have an 8-month-old. It’s really isolating to be the only one in my area who is going through being a first-time mom and a recent college grad.
Lily Jean Newton ’13

Being able to stay home two days a week is what keeps me sane, with the sacrifice of not pursuing a more ambitious and prestigious law career.
Brianne Weiss Cate ’01

Courage! It’s not easy to be a working mother, but you will be a better mother because you have other interests. And, your family will benefit from your earnings!
Diane Okrent ’73

SAQ, Winter 2015–16