The women you’ll meet in these profiles brought their dreams to campus at a time when the college was laying the groundwork for its own dreams. While they were students here—taking courses that would open their horizons—Smith was setting a course for a more global future, captured in the campaign theme Women for the World. For the women whose voices are presented here, Smith was the right choice at the right time. Brimming with optimism, idealism and boundless energy, they didn’t just dream of changing the world, they planned to go out and actually do it. These young alumnae, whose ambitions were nurtured at Smith, are breaking glass ceilings, transforming education, researching climate change and helping to build more democratic societies around the world.

They may be at the start of their careers, but already their work is rippling out into the world in powerful ways. Their achievements are what Smith’s work is all about.

Erin Peterson is a frequent contributor to the SAQ.

SAQ, Spring 2017