While Smith Travel programs are designed for alumnae of Smith College and accompanying members of their immediate families, enrollment is open to all members and friends of the Smith community. Space permitting, a participating alumna may bring a non-Smith friend or couple.

Activity Level

All participants must be in good health to enjoy a Smith Travel program. Any condition that may require assistance or special medical attention must be reported at the time a reservation is made. By forwarding the deposit for preregistration or registration in full, participants certify that they do not have any physical or other limitations that would create a hazard for themselves or other travelers.


To ensure a reservation on one of our trips, contact the Smith Travel office at 800-225-2029, or send an email to alumtrav@smith.edu. Reservations may also be faxed to 413-585-2015, or mailed to Smith Travel, Office of Alumnae Relations, 76 Elm Street, Northampton, MA 01063. We will contact you and send you the final brochure as soon as it become available. You can then send in your trip deposit to confirm your place.

Passport Requirements

Please note that many countries now require individuals to possess passports with an expiration date of six months beyond the expected return to the United States. Please check that your passport meets the requirements of the country you will be visiting. If your passport needs to be renewed, please leave yourself ample time for processing.

Smith Travel Terms & Conditions

Smith College is the sponsor of the trips and has engaged independent tour operators to arrange the tours. Because Smith College does not own, operate, manage or control, and is not in a partnership or joint venture with either the tour operators or the various independent companies and persons with which or whom the tour operator has arranged to supply services to the tour, Smith College and its officers, directors, trustees, agents, servants, employees, affiliations and assigns are not liable for any negligent or willful acts or omissions of the tour operator or the various suppliers, including any acts or omissions on their part that cause, without limitations, injury, death, theft, damage to or loss of property, delay, inconvenience, or the cancellation, substitution, overbooking or downgrading of accommodations, transportation or other services.

Additional terms and conditions may apply to your trip and will be sent to you with your registration acknowledgement, which you must sign and return to Smith Travel.