Every organization is only as strong and vital as the people involved in making it work. Despite the fact that people are increasingly busy, most people find volunteer work of some kind highly rewarding and gratifying. There are alumnae who would be happy to volunteer for Smith; work with them to help find the volunteer job that provides the best fit.

Finding Volunteers

The first rule of finding volunteers is to ask.

  • Give members opportunities to sign up on a club dues form, at an event, or through a survey.
  • Ask other Smith women if they know of anyone who would be a good volunteer.
  • Approach a potential volunteer personally. Let her know that what she would be doing is important to the organization and to Smith.
  • Follow up on all offers of help! Don’t lose the chance; timing is key.
  • Break major jobs into smaller ones. People are more likely to sign up for a minor task than to assume major responsibility.
  • Appoint co-chairs rather than a single chairperson. It’s more fun and less onerous to share a job with someone else. Remember: focus on fun and friendship.

Fostering Leadership and Managing Volunteers

  • Listen to volunteers and be receptive to different ideas.
  • Support, praise and thank volunteers for their efforts.
  • Pair experienced volunteers with new ones, older with younger.
  • Vary the tasks or reapportion them every so often so no one does the same thing event after event or year after year.
  • Provide clear communication regarding duties and deadlines to promote a sense of accomplishment and purpose.
  • Always try to give volunteers assignments for which they have an aptitude or expertise.
  • Contact the OAR for advice, support and suggestions.

Webinar recordings for all volunteers

Webinar recordings by volunteer role

Surprise a Smithie!

Do you know an alumna who’s celebrating a great event in their life – or could just use a pick-me-up? The Office of Alumnae Relations Surprise a Smithie program is a great way to send best wishes or encouragement to a Smithie you know would appreciate it. Submit the Surprise a Smithie form to request that a student ambassador write a lovely note and put together a little gift mailing!

Together for Smith: 2018 Volunteer Leadership Conference – Resources for Volunteers

Furthering the on-campus experience for those who attended Together for Smith: the 2018 Volunteer Leadership Conference (September 22-23, 2018), and for those who couldn’t attend, we are pleased to share the resources below with all who volunteer for Smith in varying capacities.  You are our best ambassadors, and we hope you’ll find these materials helpful. Feel free to reach out to your staff liaison with any questions or for assistance.  We are ready to help in any way you need!

Presentations for all volunteers (Volunteer Leadership Conference 2018)

Presentations and Documents for class volunteers

Presentations and Documents for club volunteers

Presentations and Documents for admission volunteers

Presentations and Documents for Smith Fund and development volunteers

Presentations and Documents for planned giving volunteers

Other useful documents