• Pakistan's 'Rising Stars'
    Pakistan's 'Rising Stars'

    Entrepreneur Mahbina Waheed ’95 is changing the face of education in Pakistan, as well as giving more opportunities to women.

  • Fanfare for an Uncommon Woman
    Fanfare for an Uncommon Woman

    Smith medalist Joan White Harris ’52 has been a tireless visionary and dedicated patron and advocate of the arts. Her mission is to prove the value of the arts in society.

  • Prague Across the Centuries
    Prague Across the Centuries

    May 22-30, 2016
    Spend a week embedded in the magic of Prague exploring the famous as well as out-of–the-way charms of this historic city with its countless spires, stone bridges and looming towers.

  • In the Wake of the Vikings
    In the Wake of the Vikings

    May 24 - June 1, 2016
    Join us for an exclusive small ship voyage to Scotland’s remote, verdant and storied lands of the Inner Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland Islands—all linked by a fascinating Viking heritage.

  • Turning Points of History
    Turning Points of History

    June 1-13, 2016
    Age-old power struggles between eastern and western empires—definitive turning points in the course of history—have shaped the geopolitical map of the Mediterranean region that we know today.

  • Feats of Derring-Do
    Feats of Derring-Do

    Engineering major Anna Partridge ’16 finds that circus show design shares interesting parallels with engineering design practice.

  • Student Apartments Named for Alumnae
    Student Apartments Named for Alumnae

    The new student apartments will be named for graduates from diverse backgrounds to reflect the college’s history of pioneering alumnae.

  • Framework for the Future
    Framework for the Future

    Smith has embarked upon an ambitious strategic planning process to position the college for continued strength and innovation.