• Seizing Their Moment
    Seizing Their Moment

    The women you’ll meet in these profiles brought their dreams to campus at a time when the college was laying the groundwork for its own dreams.

  • Smith in My Life: Where I Charted My Course
    Smith in My Life: Where I Charted My Course

    Freelance writer Allison Ellis ’92 has learned that when she wants to get things done, the best approach is to gather up some Smithies.

  • Enchanting Ireland
    Enchanting Ireland

    September 28 - October 10, 2017
    From Dublin to Galway, be transformed by the best of Irish hospitality and the magical green landscape on this comprehensive yet well-paced tour. Begin in Dublin with visits to Trinity College and St. Patrick’s Cathedral...

  • Insider’s Japan
    Insider’s Japan

    October 14-26, 2017
    Become immersed in the local life and culture of this fascinating land of delicate art and bustling commerce, of rich traditions and dizzying modernity. Take in a jumble of sights, sounds and tastes on this exclusive, small-group tour as you explore highlights of Tokyo and Kyoto...

  • Legacies and Landscapes of Cuba
    Legacies and Landscapes of Cuba

    November 3-12, 2017
    Join us for this unique opportunity to experience the rich history and remarkable landscapes of Cuba, exploring both landmarks and hidden gems guided by experts in Cuban heritage.