• The Planet’s Arctic Moment
    The Planet’s Arctic Moment

    As managing director of the World Wildlife Fund’s Arctic program, Margaret Williams ’89’s job is to protect the region, even as climate change and commercial pressures take their toll on a fragile ecosystem.

  • Fun Stuff for Smart People
    Fun Stuff for Smart People

    Jessanne Collins ’01 heads “Mental Floss,” the magazine, which bills itself as providing “Fun Stuff for Smart People,” with skimmable info such as ” Why does toothpaste make orange juice taste awful?”

  • Natural New Zealand
    Natural New Zealand

    December 29 - January 11, 2015
    Sail from the granite cliffs of Milford Sound on New Zealand’s South Island to Auckland, its capital city on the North, marveling at the diverse landscape that includes glacial fjords and wide, sandy beaches.

  • Sailing the Windward Islands
    Sailing the Windward Islands

    January 24-31, 2015
    Elude the depths of winter and savor the sublime charm of island life by sailing the southern Caribbean Sea to the remote archipelago of the volcanic Windward Islands....

  • Keys to a Piano Mystery
    Keys to a Piano Mystery

    Learn how Sophia Smith’s 1867 Chickering piano has resurfaced in piano restoration company in nearby Holyoke, MA, and where the instrument will go form there.

  • Smith Partners with Dartmouth-Tuck
    Smith Partners with Dartmouth-Tuck

    Smith and Dartmouth’s Tuck Bridge Program are collaborating on The Smith-Tuck Bridge Program. Held on the Smith campus, the program will offer Smith students the opportunity to learn about the world of business.

  • Celebrating Otelia
    Celebrating Otelia

    Watch “The Life and Legacy of Otelia Cromwell,” a video that traces the life of Otelia Cromwell 1900 from her childhood in the 1870s to her emergence as a scholar and author.