• Life After Smith
    Life After Smith

    Career expert Terri Tierney Clark ’81, author of “Learn, Work, Lead: Things Your Mentor Won’t Tell You,” shares some job-hunting tips for tips for new grads and young alums.

  • Immediate. Primal. Emotional.
    Immediate. Primal. Emotional.

    Four times in five days, soprano Inna Dukach ’94 performed the title role in “Madame Butterfly” for the Anchorage Opera; it was a schedule so grueling she compares it to “running a marathon three days in a row.”

  • Flavors of Provence
    Flavors of Provence

    May 9-17, 2015
    Amid enchanting orchards, vineyards, villages, and especially in the kitchens of skilled chefs, let the combination of culture and cuisine reveal an authentic and joyful portrait of Provence....

  • The Great Journey Through Europe
    The Great Journey Through Europe

    June 12-24, 2015
    Wind your way through the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland on this grand tour, blending land and water, country and city, and time-honored history with exciting, contemporary sites....

  • Scandinavian Seafaring Adventure
    Scandinavian Seafaring Adventure

    June 19-26, 2015
    Enjoy Scandinavia's stunning natural landscape, along with exciting cultural stops, including museums, historic cities and castles, as you sail in the wake of the Vikings....

  • Smith's 137th Commencement
    Smith's 137th Commencement

    In her commencement address, pioneering educator Dr. Juliet Garcia urged members of the class of 2015 to “build bridges, not fences”. Themes of gratitude, equity and the importance of women’s leadership were also stressed.

  • Who is the Class of 2015?
    Who is the Class of 2015?

    Find out more about the 735 undergraduate and graduate students who recently received their Smith degrees, exemplifying the college’s longstanding tradition of excellence and achievement.

  • A New Smith Website is Coming
    A New Smith Website is Coming

    The Smith College website is going through a major redesign and the redesign working group wants the Smith community to weigh in. Share your thoughts about the redesign by participating in a survey.