• Seizing Their Moment
    Seizing Their Moment

    The women you’ll meet in these profiles brought their dreams to campus at a time when the college was laying the groundwork for its own dreams.

  • Smith in My Life: Where I Charted My Course
    Smith in My Life: Where I Charted My Course

    Freelance writer Allison Ellis ’92 has learned that when she wants to get things done, the best approach is to gather up some Smithies.

  • Shakespeare’s Italy
    Shakespeare’s Italy

    June 11-19, 2017
    Explore the Bard’s favorite Italian towns for seven nights with Katherine Rowe, professor of English Provost and Dean of the Faculty at Smith College. William Shakespeare never traveled to Italy. But that did not stop him from using the fabled landscapes and sophisticated cities of Italy...

  • Enchanting Ireland
    Enchanting Ireland

    September 28 - October 10, 2017
    From Dublin to Galway, be transformed by the best of Irish hospitality and the magical green landscape on this comprehensive yet well-paced tour. Begin in Dublin with visits to Trinity College and St. Patrick’s Cathedral...

  • Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka

    October 27 - November 12, 2017
    Sri Lanka, an island nation off the southern tip of India is a tapestry of cultures. Saffron-robed monks traversing across courtyards, stark white temples, Hindu priests chanting beneath rainbow-colored towers, Colonial European architecture...