• Making Motherhood Work
    Making Motherhood Work

    Smith moms share their real-life stories, giving us a glimpse into how Smith women creatively manage their dual careers of motherhood and employment.

  • Making Jobs, Not War
    Making Jobs, Not War

    Entrepreneur Elizabeth Crowell ’93 leads a volunteer group named Bpeace that helps small businesses create employment in conflict-torn regions around the world.

  • Paradores and Pousadas
    Paradores and Pousadas

    April 25 - May 9, 2016
    Join this exclusive 15-day tour through the Iberian Peninsula with a small group of travelers, visiting the medieval monasteries, historic fortresses and stately palaces of Spain and Portugal.

  • Prague Across the Centuries
    Prague Across the Centuries

    May 22-30, 2016
    Spend a week embedded in the magic of Prague exploring the famous as well as out-of–the-way charms of this historic city with its countless spires, stone bridges and looming towers.

  • Insider's Alaska
    Insider's Alaska

    July 4-12, 2016
    Join us on this amazing journey into the interior of the Last Frontier, a wildlife lover’s paradise. Explore iconic national parks and connect with nature through guided forays by foot, canoe or kayak—all at your own pace!

  • Quartet of Medalists
    Quartet of Medalists

    Four alumnae will join the ranks of the Smith College Medalists, who are recognized for exemplifying the true purpose of a liberal arts education in their lives and work.

  • The Carol T. Christ Asian Art Gallery Dedication
    The Carol T. Christ Asian Art Gallery Dedication

    Watch as the former Smith president talks about her trips to Asia, how art figures prominently in a liberal arts education and what it means to be back on campus for the dedication of the gallery named in her honor.

  • Education for All
    Education for All

    Smith launches its first massive open online course (MOOC), thanks to the help of some students.