• The Art of Living: Provence

    The Art of Living: Provence

    October 7-29, 2016

    Discover all that is French and fabulous in the Great Land of Inspiration—the magical region of Provence, where sun-drenched beaches and undulating hills tie the Mediterranean to the Alps.

  • Flavors of Spain

    Flavors of Spain

    October 15-23, 2016

    During this unforgettable journey, explore the coveted region of Costa Brava, rich in architectural, cultural and edible treasures.

  • Rome Rediscovered

    Rome Rediscovered

    October 22-30, 2016

    See Rome as you never imagined, delving deep into the city’s history while uncovering fascinating facts about this anchor of civilization and its far-reaching impacts on art, architecture and culture.

  • Iran Past and Present

    Iran Past and Present

    November 5-16, 2016

    Join fellow alumnae in this exciting, first-ever Smith Travel trip to Iran on a remarkable and eye-opening journey.

  • Treasures of Southern Africa

    Treasures of Southern Africa

    November 9-24, 2016

    Discover the stunning beauty and fascinating culture of South Africa, a diverse region poised on a beautiful coastline with breathtaking mountains and expansive plains.

  • Egypt and the Eternal Nile

    Egypt and the Eternal Nile

    November 14-28, 2016

    Experience an unforgettable, comprehensive exploration of Egypt’s inspiring history and ancient civilizations. Start your in-depth journey on land in the bustling capital of Cairo, with stops at the world-renowned Egyptian Museum...

  • New Year's in Cuba

    New Year's in Cuba

    December 27-January 2, 2017

    Experience the start to a New Year like you never imagined, enjoying the festivities, music, carnivals, fireworks and traditions of Cuba on New Year’s Eve and Cuban Liberation Day.

  • Magnificent Madeira

    Magnificent Madeira

    January 13-22, 2017

    Join us on this custom-designed week-long journey to Madeira. In the company of Marguerite Harrison, associate professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies at Smith College, and Pamela Petro...

  • Journey Through Vietnam

    Journey Through Vietnam

    January 14-29, 2017

    Join us on a special 16-day journey to a land of breathtaking natural beauty, abiding tradition, and profoundly hospitable people, rewards abound for the thoughtful traveler.

  • Costa Rica's Natural Heritage

    Costa Rica's Natural Heritage

    January 26-February 6, 2017

    Spend twelve rewarding days immersed in “one of the happiest countries on Earth”, Costa Rica. In this small Central American democracy kissed by nature, alumnae will discover a nation’s wealth in four distinct regions, from cloud forest to rain forest...

  • Voyage of Discovery: Wonders of the Galápagos Islands

    Voyage of Discovery: Wonders of the Galápagos Islands

    January 29-February 7, 2017

    This incredible 10-day journey introduces you to the remarkable Galápagos Islands, a nature lover’s dream destination and UNESCO World Heritage site, with a five-night cruise aboard the newly refitted, first-class small ship Santa Cruz II. This exploration vessel is fully equipped to make your Galápagos experience complete, from a fleet

  • Tanzania Wildlife & Cultural Safari

    Tanzania Wildlife & Cultural Safari

    March 7-19, 2017

    Experience an unforgettable, small-group journey into the heart of Tanzania, a peaceful, developing country that is home to the wildlife-rich Serengeti National Park. Spend three days immersed in the Serengeti’s untamed wilderness...

  • In the Cradle of the Moors: The Hidden Faces of Morocco

    In the Cradle of the Moors: The Hidden Faces of Morocco

    March 7-19, 2017

    Join Smith Travel’s most thorough exploration yet of exotic Morocco, reaching beyond the Kingdom's most famed attractions — including six of its World Heritage Sites...

  • Iran Past and Present

    Iran Past and Present

    March 8-19, 2017

    Join Steven Heydemann, Professor and Janet W. Ketcham 1953 Chair of Middle East Studies at Smith College, and fellow alumnae on this exciting trip to Iran on a remarkable and eye-opening journey.

  • An Icelandic Interlude

    An Icelandic Interlude

    March 22-27, 2017

    Join fellow Smith travelers for a long weekend escape to exotic Iceland. From steamy hot springs to top-notch spas, magnificent malls to art museums, this unique land is the perfect place to relax...

  • East Asia Cruise

    East Asia Cruise

    March 29-April 14, 2017

    Join the Six-Star Crystal Symphony when it sails from Incheon, South Korea, across the Yellow Sea to Xingang, the port for Beijing and gateway to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.

  • Elbe River Cruise

    Elbe River Cruise

    April 23-May 4, 2017

    Between Prague, fairy tale city of spires and domes, and dynamic, reunited Berlin, the gentle Elbe River traverses a landscape of idyllic green countryside and spectacular gorges, overlaid by the broad sweep of history...

  • Machu Picchu to the Galapagos

    Machu Picchu to the Galapagos

    April 25-May 9, 2017

    Join us for a dynamic 15-day tour and cruise to experience two of South America's greatest treasures: Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, called a “living laboratory” by Charles Darwin, and the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.

  • Himalayan Kingdoms

    Himalayan Kingdoms

    May 29-June 12, 2017

    Travel to the “rooftop of the world” with Andy Rotman, Ph.D., professor of Religion, Buddhist Studies, and South Asian Studies at Smith College, and explore the ancient kingdoms of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan.

  • Cruise the Face of Europe

    Cruise the Face of Europe

    May 29-June 13, 2017

    Through history, the great rivers of Europe were the avenues of expansion in art, culture and trade. Unpack once, relax and join us as we explore three magnificent rivers that flow through the heartland of Europe.

  • Changing Tides of History

    Changing Tides of History

    June 8-17, 2017

    Experience the cultural rebirth of the Baltic states, the magnificent imperial riches of St. Petersburg and the luminous “White Nights of Summer” on this remarkable six-country, eight-night Baltic Sea cruise.

  • Shakespeare’s Italy

    Shakespeare’s Italy

    June 11-19, 2017

    Explore the Bard’s favorite Italian towns for seven nights with Katherine Rowe, professor of English Provost and Dean of the Faculty at Smith College. William Shakespeare never traveled to Italy. But that did not stop him from using the fabled landscapes and sophisticated cities of Italy...

  • Cruise the Rhine River

    Cruise the Rhine River

    June 26-July 4, 2017

    Share your love of travel with your children or grandchildren as you cruise through the heartland of Europe on a journey designed with families in mind. Settle in onboard the elegant, new Amadeus Silver III and enjoy a choice of excursions and activities...

  • Discover Southeast Alaska

    Discover Southeast Alaska

    July 28-August 4, 2017

    Join fellow alumnae next summer for an expedition through some of nature’s more secluded landscapes as we discover the remote inner reaches of Alaska’s Inside Passage aboard the 66-passenger ship, Admiralty Dream.

  • Barcelona Immersion

    Barcelona Immersion

    September 8-16, 2017

    Spend a week in sophisticated Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, and the jewel of Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Settle in and begin to explore this vibrant city with a small group of fellow travelers on a seven-night adventure.

  • Rivieras and Islands

    Rivieras and Islands

    October 14-22, 2017

    Cruise with us for seven nights from Rome to Barcelona aboard the exclusively chartered, small ship M.Y. Variety Voyager, featuring only 36 all ocean-view cabins. Enjoy the sun-drenched landscapes and lush, mountainous backdrops...

  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka

    October 27-November 12, 2017

    Sri Lanka, an island nation off the southern tip of India is a tapestry of cultures. Saffron-robed monks traversing across courtyards, stark white temples, Hindu priests chanting beneath rainbow-colored towers, Colonial European architecture...