• The Romance of the Ganges

    The Romance of the Ganges

    February 1-14, 2016

    Explore India's fascinating history aboard an elegant, ultra-luxurious small ship, stopping at 10 cities along the way to experience the arts, culture, rural life and people of this enchanting country.

  • Passage Through the Panama Canal and Costa Rica

    Passage Through the Panama Canal and Costa Rica

    February 26-March 5, 2016

    Experience a grand passage through the awe-inspiring Panama Canal and explore the terrestrial wonders of Costa Rica’s national parks and wildlife refuges.

  • Machu Picchu to the Galapagos

    Machu Picchu to the Galapagos

    March 15-29, 2016

    Embark on an exciting 15-day tour with an exclusive group of 20 travelers to experience two of South America’s greatest treasures: the enigmatic ruins at Machu Picchu and the fascinating Galapagos Islands.

  • An Icelandic Interlude

    An Icelandic Interlude

    March 16-20, 2016

    Join fellow Smith travelers for a long weekend escape to exotic Iceland. From steamy hot springs to top-notch spas, magnificent malls to art museums, this unique land is the perfect place to relax, recharge and explore.

  • Opus Musicale

    Opus Musicale

    April 6-14, 2016

    Explore some of the loveliest destinations in the southern Caribbean against the backdrop of the magical sounds of classical music in private concerts both aboard and ashore.

  • Waterways of Holland and Belgium

    Waterways of Holland and Belgium

    April 20-28, 2016

    Come celebrate the beauty of Holland and Belgium during the fragrant, flowery springtime, the best season for a comprehensive itinerary aboard the exclusively chartered M.S. Amadeus Elegant.

  • Paradores and Pousadas

    Paradores and Pousadas

    April 25-May 9, 2016

    Join this exclusive 15-day tour through the Iberian Peninsula with a small group of travelers, visiting the medieval monasteries, historic fortresses and stately palaces of Spain and Portugal.

  • Prague Across the Centuries

    Prague Across the Centuries

    May 22-30, 2016

    Spend a week embedded in the magic of Prague exploring the famous as well as out-of–the-way charms of this historic city with its countless spires, stone bridges and looming towers.

  • In the Wake of the Vikings

    In the Wake of the Vikings

    May 24-June 1, 2016

    Join us for an exclusive small ship voyage to Scotland’s remote, verdant and storied lands of the Inner Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland Islands—all linked by a fascinating Viking heritage.

  • Turning Points of History

    Turning Points of History

    June 1-13, 2016

    Age-old power struggles between eastern and western empires—definitive turning points in the course of history—have shaped the geopolitical map of the Mediterranean region that we know today.

  • A Belize Family Adventure

    A Belize Family Adventure

    June 25-July 2, 2016

    This little Central American country is bursting with adventurous activities, from zip lining through the rain forest to tubing through a cave system and investigating ancient Mayan ruins.

  • Insider's Alaska

    Insider's Alaska

    July 4-12, 2016

    Join us on this amazing journey into the interior of the Last Frontier, a wildlife lover’s paradise. Explore iconic national parks and connect with nature through guided forays by foot, canoe or kayak—all at your own pace!

  • Symphony on the Blue Danube

    Symphony on the Blue Danube

    July 13-24, 2016

    Flowing through much of Eastern Europe, the Danube River is steeped in thousands of years of history and has served as a source of inspiration for musicians, artists, poets and travelers.

  • Passage of Lewis & Clark

    Passage of Lewis & Clark

    August 13-21, 2016

    Set sail on a seven-day cruise along the Columbia and Snake rivers aboard the most majestic, largest riverboat cruising the Pacific Northwest.

  • Turkey: Among Women

    Turkey: Among Women

    October 5-15, 2016

    Join Smith and Bryn Mawr alumnae in the sixth trip of our series Among Women: An International Dialogue, which offers unique opportunities to connect with women from around the world...

  • The Art of Living: Provence

    The Art of Living: Provence

    October 7-29, 2016

    Discover all that is French and fabulous in the Great Land of Inspiration—the magical region of Provence, where sun-drenched beaches and undulating hills tie the Mediterranean to the Alps.

  • Rome Rediscovered

    Rome Rediscovered

    October 22-30, 2016

    See Rome as you never imagined, delving deep into the city’s history while uncovering fascinating facts about this anchor of civilization and its far-reaching impacts on art, architecture and culture.

  • Iran Past and Present

    Iran Past and Present

    November 5-16, 2016

    Join fellow alumnae in this exciting, first-ever Smith Travel trip to Iran on a remarkable and eye-opening journey.

  • Treasures of Southern Africa

    Treasures of Southern Africa

    November 9-24, 2016

    Discover the stunning beauty and fascinating culture of South Africa, a diverse region poised on a beautiful coastline with breathtaking mountains and expansive plains.