Volunteers Make Smith Stronger

You bring what is great about Smith to the wider world by spreading the good news from campus, being an advocate, recruiting the best and brightest new students and talking about how Smith helped you become the woman you are today. Thank you for caring enough to share your time, ideas, resources and talents.

2016 Volunteer Leadership Conference

Save the date for this year’s Volunteer Leadership Conference at Smith College, November 4–6, 2016. Join fellow alumnae volunteers in celebrating all the incredible work volunteers do every day on Smith’s behalf. You’ll also have time to network, hear from President Kathleen McCartney about her vision for Smith, learn strategies and best practices from fellow volunteers, and explore the Smith of today. Visit the conference page for the conference schedule and other information, and to register.

Tenets of a Smith Volunteer

As a volunteer, you play a significant role in supporting Smith’s reputation in the world. You are a leader and role model for other alumnae, and the work you do, the way you speak about Smith, reflects back on our community. Following are a set of principles that will guide your work as a Smith volunteer.


  • will be asked to commit to a project or role that suits their skills and capacity
  • will be provided with clear expectations of their role (scope of responsibilities, length of service, performance expectations) and what the needs of the college and professional staff are
  • will be given the necessary tools and resources to fulfill their role successfully
  • will commit to addressing issues of diversity and inclusion along the lines of race, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, ability, religion, and geography in all facets of volunteer work
  • will donate to The Smith Fund every year
  • will communicate regularly with their peer volunteers and college staff
  • will gain value from the experiences and training provided by the college
  • will be recognized and thanked by the college for their contribution
  • will be asked regularly for feedback on their volunteer experience and receive feedback on their work
  • will be asked to identify new potential volunteers
  • will keep up to date on news from and of the college by receiving and reading Notes from Paradise e-newsletter, The Gate, the Smith Alumnae Quarterly, and all college and Office of Alumnae Relations emails
  • will promote Smith and its mission through social media and by sharing good news and information with classmates and other alumnae
  • will communicate with staff first if they have questions or concerns
  • will work to connect Smith alumnae to each other and Smith today by engaging their classmates, their housemates, and Smith women in their hometowns
  • will be given creative freedom to execute their role while meeting expectations and needs