Success Is a Mindset

Lisa Tatum – President and Managing Partner, LM Tatum, PLLC, and first African American president of the State Bar of Texas (2013-2014)

Our cultural measures are often our basis for defining success. It is our acceptable cultural norms that often tell us what degree of wealth, respect or stature must be achieved to be favored by our society. Personal preferences, passions and callings can be cast aside chasing that kind of favor. So what about chasing preferences, passions and callings? There are multiple forms of success. Aren’t there? A shift in perspective can be telling. It can be inspiring. It can be resilient. After all it is a mindset.

LMTatumLisa Tatum ’91 a 2014 Super Lawyer, was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 1995. Lisa is admitted to practice law before all courts of the state of Texas, the United States District Court of the Western District, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. Featured in Texas Monthly’s The Horse’s Mouth in July 2012, she is the proud owner of LM Tatum, PLLC. Her firm focuses on business, corporate, employment and public finance law and is listed in The Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace (The Red Book) as Underwriter’s Counsel and Co-Bond Counsel.  Lisa served as President of the State Bar of Texas from June 2013-2014, the first African-American to serve in this capacity.  She is a former Bexar County, Texas Assistant Criminal District Attorney who prosecuted over 100 cases by jury and bench trials. She is active in her legal community and at large.

Career Renewal Within Grasp

Nayla Bahri – Ortho Clinical Diagnostics global talent management team; teaches leadership development at Columbia Business School, the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, and with the Institute for Personal Leadership.  (keynote speaker and Elizabeth Miller ’81 Lecture speaker)

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that we all face change in the world of work on a regular basis. Rather than feeling like we’re at the mercy of the marketplace, our bosses, our organization or forces beyond our control, how can we start to redefine our relationship with our work, careers and own expertise, enriching our own sense of authorship, exploration and satisfaction with what we do for a living? Based on her original research and her years of coaching, teaching and consulting, Nayla will offer an interactive session that offers a chance to look again at how we relate to work, define ourselves professionally, and keep ourselves curious.

Dr. Nayla Bahri ’95 is an award-winning senior leader, manager, educator, curriculum & program designer, facilitator, coach and advisor.  Nayla’s approach to learning and development is characterized by her deep respect for a learner’s existing knowledge and experience, and appreciation for our human capacity for change. Her work reflects both a sense of purpose and a sense of humor. Her areas of expertise and research include leadership development coaching, career transitions and development, designing learning communities, and managing organizational and cultural change.  Nayla has extensive training and expertise in leadership and adult development, group dynamics, conflict resolution, peer leadership, qualitative research methods, autobiography and storytelling in leadership, appreciative inquiry, action learning, and counseling and coaching.

Highly Successful People (HSPs) Have Redefined Success. Have You?

Susan Ford Collins – Author of The Technology of Success Book Series: The Joy of Success, Success Has Gears, and Our Children Are Watching.

Hear from “America’s Premier Success and Leadership Coach” (CNN) about the 10 Success Skills Highly-Successful People (HSPs) use to increase individual and team productivity, as well as collaboration & creativity across all areas.  Since 1985, Susan has taught 3,000+ Technology of Success training programs in major corporations & schools.  Through this interactive keynote, learn about Redefining Success, Taking Charge of Your Self-Confidence, and how Success Shifts Up and Down Through Three Gear-Like Phases. Leave with new tools for employing HSP’s skills at work and at home.

CollinsSusan Ford Collins ’62 is “America’s Premier Success and Leadership Coach” – CNN

After shadowing Highly Successful People (HSPs) for 20 years, Susan developed The Technology of Success, a powerful program that teaches the 10 Success and Leadership Skills she discovered HSPs using consistently but unconsciously.  HR departments report significant improvements in the performance and attitudes of employees who attended her seminars. Susan’s clients include American Express, CNN, Ryder System, IBM, and Florida Power & Light. She has taught these skills in educational institutions including University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, Montessori Teacher Training Center, and parent/teacher organizations. Susan is a nationally-known speaker and author of The Joy of Success, Success Has Gears, and Our Children Are Watching.  Learn more about Susan’s work at

ClarkeCaroline Clarke ’85 (Elizabeth Miller ’81 Lecture speaker) is an award-winning journalist whose experience spans print, digital and television outlets. In her 19 years at Black Enterprise, she has served in a number of senior leadership and editorial roles, and as editorial director of the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit, she determines the editorial direction and theme of the nation’s largest annual conference targeting African American women executives.
Clarke currently hosts the Women of Power TV Show, a new half-hour series which showcases various female entrepreneurs, CEOs, moguls, and charismatic leaders representing success and influence. She is the author of Take a Lesson: Today’s Black Achievers on How They Made It, What They Learned Along the Way, and Postcards From Cookie: A Memoir of Motherhood, Miracles, and a Whole Lot of Mail. Clarke holds a master’s degree with honors from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.