• That's Amore
    That's Amore

    “Putting your love out there on a plate.” That’s how chef Alice Delcourt ’99 describes the moment of vulnerability when her carefully thought-out meals leave the kitchen and are placed in front of diners, whose feedback comes immediately. “You’re afraid that if it goes out and it doesn’t meet people’s

  • Life After Harvey
    Life After Harvey

    Houston teacher Lisa L. Daniels ’12 penned a moving ‘New York Times’ op-ed in the middle of the monster storm. What’s happened in the aftermath?

  • An Icelandic Interlude
    An Icelandic Interlude

    March 13-18, 2018
    Join fellow travelers for one of Smith’s most beloved alumnae trips. Back by popular demand, this long weekend escape to exotic Iceland has been honed and perfected for your enjoyment.

  • Portrait of Italy: From the Amalfi Coast to Venice
    Portrait of Italy: From the Amalfi Coast to Venice

    April 3-18, 2018
    This wide-ranging tour of Italy showcases ancient sites, contemporary life, priceless art, and its beautiful natural scenery. Journey from the breathtaking Amalfi Coast to eternal Rome...

  • Classic Germany
    Classic Germany

    June 6-20, 2018
    Join Smith Travel on this 15-day comprehensive tour of Germany—the old and the new. Experience the allure of this classically gorgeous land with a cruise on the legendary Rhine and vistas of the fabled Black Forest.