• Patagonian Frontiers

    Patagonian Frontiers

    January 10-26, 2018

    Enjoy face-to face encounters with two of the world’s last great frontiers – Southern Patagonia’s majestic fjords and glaciers, and Torres del Paine’s stunning scenery.

  • Thailand and Cambodia

    Thailand and Cambodia

    January 20-30, 2018

    Travel with Andy Rotman, Smith Professor of Religion, Buddhist Studies, and South Asian Studies, and Janna White ’07, Writer and Editor specializing in South Asian Works, on a journey that will begin in Bangkok, the “City of Angels”...

  • Journey to Southern Africa

    Journey to Southern Africa

    February 11-26, 2018

    Discover the rich natural and cultural heritage of southern Africa, exploring both the country’s incredible wildlife as well as its vibrant city life.

  • The Extraordinary Art and Culture of Bilbao and Valencia

    The Extraordinary Art and Culture of Bilbao and Valencia

    March 9-17, 2018

    From stunning Bilbao to scenic Valencia, with stops at smaller countryside locales off the beaten path, join Smith College Museum of Art Director and Chief Curator Jessica Nicoll ’83 on this custom-designed tour...

  • An Icelandic Interlude

    An Icelandic Interlude

    March 13-18, 2018

    Join fellow travelers for one of Smith’s most beloved alumnae trips. Back by popular demand, this long weekend escape to exotic Iceland has been honed and perfected for your enjoyment.

  • Colombia Rediscovered

    Colombia Rediscovered

    March 16-26, 2018

    Weave through the lush landscapes of Colombia, discovering the country’s indigenous cultures and evocative Spanish Colonial heritage on a one-of-a-kind small group tour. Begin in Bogota...

  • Portrait of Italy: From the Amalfi Coast to Venice

    Portrait of Italy: From the Amalfi Coast to Venice

    April 3-18, 2018

    This wide-ranging tour of Italy showcases ancient sites, contemporary life, priceless art, and its beautiful natural scenery. Journey from the breathtaking Amalfi Coast to eternal Rome...

  • Japan by Sea

    Japan by Sea

    April 15-28, 2018

    Cruise through the Inland Sea and the Sea of Japan on a delightful nine-day springtime tour, with time ashore in Kyoto and Tokyo.

  • The Enchanting Douro River

    The Enchanting Douro River

    April 18-24, 2018

    Spend seven nights exploring Portugal’s stunning Douro Valley aboard a luxury river vessel, with stops in Porto, Regua, Barca D’Alva and more.

  • European Coastal Civilizations

    European Coastal Civilizations

    April 30-May 9, 2018

    Join fellow alumnae on this unique itinerary, which captures the old-world sophistication of Portugal, the artistic riches of Spain’s Basque country, the Celtic heritage of Brittany and the timeless, stately elegance of London.

  • Journey to Cornwall: Bath, London and the Cornish Coast

    Journey to Cornwall: Bath, London and the Cornish Coast

    May 2-13, 2018

    Explore the beautiful coastal region of Southwest England, from the magical ambience of Bath and its ancient hot springs to the rugged, rural scenery of North Devon...

  • Classic Germany

    Classic Germany

    June 6-20, 2018

    Join Smith Travel on this 15-day comprehensive tour of Germany—the old and the new. Experience the allure of this classically gorgeous land with a cruise on the legendary Rhine and vistas of the fabled Black Forest.

  • Changing Tides of History

    Changing Tides of History

    June 11-19, 2018

    Back by popular demand! Experience the cultural rebirth of the Baltic states, the magnificent imperial riches of St. Petersburg and the luminous “White Nights of Summer” on this remarkable five-country, seven-night Baltic Sea cruise.

  • Japan Family Adventure

    Japan Family Adventure

    June 26-July 4, 2018

    Join alumni/ae and families from Smith College and Dartmouth on this co-sponsored trip to Japan, led by Smith College Professor of English Language & Literature and American Studies, Floyd Cheung, and Dartmouth Associate Professor of Religion, Gil Raz.

  • Odyssey of Ancient Civilizations

    Odyssey of Ancient Civilizations

    June 27-July 5, 2018

    Join Professor of Classical Languages & Literatures, Scott Bradbury, and fellow alumnae on a cruise from picture-perfect Venice along the stunning Dalmatian coast and through the Corinth Canal to Athens.

  • National Parks and Lodges of the Old West

    National Parks and Lodges of the Old West

    July 2-11, 2018

    Quintessential hallmarks of the American West are the cornerstones of this extraordinary expedition, like the volcanic caldera of Yellowstone National Park and bison herds roaming Custer State Park...

  • Discover Southeast Alaska

    Discover Southeast Alaska

    July 20-27, 2018

    This expedition through some of nature’s more secluded landscapes will allow us to discover the remote inner reaches of Alaska’s Inside Passage aboard the 66-passenger Admiralty Dream. Enjoy the agility and flexibility of small-ship travel, up-close encounters with wildlife, stunning scenery, and cultural experience...

  • Swiss Alps & the Italian Lakes

    Swiss Alps & the Italian Lakes

    July 25-August 3, 2018

    The Swiss Alps and the Italian Lakes District offer striking contrasts: both have inspired travelers for centuries with towering mountain peaks and charming lakeside towns.

  • Expedition Cruise to Greenland and the Arctic Circle

    Expedition Cruise to Greenland and the Arctic Circle

    August 1-12, 2018

    Join Margaret Williams ’89, Managing Director of World Wildlife Fund’s US Arctic field program, on a summer cruise above the Arctic Circle. From Iqaluit on the east coast of Baffin Island...

  • Scotland: Highlands and Islands

    Scotland: Highlands and Islands

    August 13-24, 2018

    Robert Burns once said, “My heart’s in the Highlands,” and as you travel from city to country, mainland to island on this charming journey through Scotland, you will come to agree with him.

  • Tuscany


    September 11-19, 2018

    Tuscany’s rolling knolls and fertile valleys have attracted artists, writers and travelers for centuries. Explore the remarkable landscape and architecture...

  • Château de Camon: Exploring the Languedoc

    Château de Camon: Exploring the Languedoc

    October 5-14, 2018

    This unique trip to France begins in Toulouse, where you begin your journey to the Château and go back in time to the Middle Ages. Enjoy a luxurious first full day in France unpacking, exploring the neighborhood...

  • Passage Along the Blue Danube: Vienna to Bucharest

    Passage Along the Blue Danube: Vienna to Bucharest

    October 13-25, 2018

    Join Smith on this custom-designed cruise to explore the enchanting Eastern Danube River Valley, a mystical region steeped in natural beauty. From the Habsburgs’ imperial capital of Vienna to the Black Sea...

  • Morocco & the Canary Islands

    Morocco & the Canary Islands

    November 3-14, 2018

    Embark on a grand voyage to exotic ports of call in Morocco and the Canary Islands aboard the incomparable Sea Cloud II. During a three-night stay at La Mamounia, one of the most famous and romantic hotels in the world...

  • An Art Lover’s Mexico

    An Art Lover’s Mexico

    November 9-16, 2018

    Explore Mexico City and Oaxaca, two remarkable cities and world-renowned repositories of art and architectural treasures that span the centuries, while treating yourself to the luxurious comforts of the Four Seasons and Quinta Real hotels.