The Faculty Speakers Program is one of the most popular OAR outreach programs. It has enabled Smith clubs and groups all over the world to engage with outstanding faculty, administrators, alumnae and students on a broad range of topics in a wide selection of disciplines. We thank all the faculty members and administrators who travel to Smith clubs to give talks to alumnae.

There are more than 100 Smith clubs throughout the world, and our program sends approximately 40 speakers a year to meet with them. Clubs range in membership size and level of activity, and events vary in format and scope, including luncheons, formal dinners, prospective student teas or tours of an exhibit or geographical area that falls within your expertise.

Questions? Contact Nancy Streeter Howes, assistant director for Reunions, classes & clubs at 800-526-2023, ext. 4 or

Program Goals

  • Provide alumnae with an opportunity for intellectual stimulation and to connect with one another.
  • Promote good will and positive feelings about Smith by sharing academic expertise and information about what is going on at the campus.
  • Sustain and rekindle interest in the college.

Office of Alumnae Relations’ Role

  • Assist clubs with finding and confirming faculty speakers. Clubs are asked to contact the OAR—not the speaker—so arrangements and expenses are accounted for.
  • Contact the faculty with the initial invitation and potential dates. If the faculty agrees, we will put the club event coordinator directly in touch with the faculty member to make final plans.
  • Provide talking points that you, as an ambassador for Smith, can deliver to alumnae, prospective students and parents.

Club Responsibilities

  • All arrangements after initial contact are to be made between the speaker and the club/group.
  • Keep the speaker and the OAR informed about program plans.
  • Promote the event, send out invitations (printed and/or electronic) and take RSVPs.
  • Make arrangements associated with the event, such as finding a venue, food and beverages, audio-visual and invitations. The club is responsible for covering those costs.

Travel Arrangements and Expenses

The OAR can only cover the expenses of faculty on the program list that clubs arrange through our office. Invitations made independently or outside of this list will not be reimbursed.

The OAR provides for round-trip air travel, ground transportation, meals and overnight accommodations for speakers. The faculty member needs to make his/her own reservations.

Should you need assistance with your travel arrangements, contact Easthampton Travel at (413) 529-9599, Please let them know you are traveling as a faculty speaker for the OAR and they will bill us directly. 

For more detailed information, please refer to the Smith College Travel and entertainment Expense Policy on the Controller’s website.

Post Event

Please fill out the Post Event Evaluation Form. Also, you can submit your expense reimbursement report to the OAR, along with original receipts.